Sunday, November 1, 2009

Celebrating...So Many Reasons to Give Thanks

 Over the past few days, I have been trying hard to enjoy the last moments of the month of October.  It is my most favorite calendar month, but the final days are always a crap shoot, if you know what I mean.  In the past couple of years, we have been so fortunate to have mild temperatures to the point that my grandsons were able to proudly display their planned out, 6 months in advance, costumes...ahhh...but not so much this time around.  The temps dipped down into the 40's and it was quite 'blowy' (that's what my Englishman hubby would say).  So Black Spiderman (not to be confused with Red Spiderman) and Batman were very bundled up.

But as I commented this morning on Julie's blog over at A Vintage Chic, it's a fabulous reminder of the next couple days to come.  I am ok with leaving October behind because  
November 2nd is my 18th wedding anniversary.
In fact, in a silly way, we look forward to a little bit of 'icky' weather to remind us that the day is approaching.  The day Paul and I were married was one of the most horrible weather days I had experienced in quite some time.  Winds were howling up to 50 mph, snow and sleet (the first of the season, of course) were lashing down...but the day was PERFECT!  It's funny how many people will say 'oh, what a horrible time for a getaway, the first week of November' to which we respond 'we look forward to it because the memories nearly mirror the present day!'


The other thing that makes November sweet to me is that Thanksgiving, hands down, is my daughter Mallory's most prized holiday.  Over the years, she has SO come to appreciate the family element that it makes her a bit edgy if she hears someone 'might not be at the table this year', which brings me to an early morning phone call.  "Mom!?  Do we know what we are doing for Thanksgiving NEXT YEAR?  I heard that so and so might be going away next year...what are we going to do?"  My response "Mallory, I don't even know what we are doing for Thanksgiving THIS YEAR!"

So I ask you like November?  Do you LOVE November?  Or are you holding out for December?
I would love to know!  Leave me a know they keep me warm on these chilly days!


CelticWoman said...

Julie, beautiful and love those lush colors, we will hang on to the wonderful temps with no rain for a little while longer, savoring each day. Hugs

chris f said...

Hi Julie! Well we don't have thanksgiving here to brighten up November. I was married in November, but not any more, so that doesn't apply! We have Guy Fawkes night, which I used to love, but now I just worry for all the cats and dogs and wild creatures, who must think the end of the world has come. Silly me perhaps.
Most of my best memories are around spring, which is my favourite season, so I'll be happy for all you autumn lovers, but I would prefer to stay under the duvet until March if possible. (If only it were)

Anonymous said...

what a stunning card, love the colours !

Sarah Anderson said...

Hey those vintage flowers turned out brill! Gorgeous card, love the berries.
I hate November. It's always wet and windy and horrid. We had a lovely eve last night then woke to the wind blowing a gale and the rain lashing down this am. Don't think it's as cold as normal but... This week is always spent worrying it might be too windy for fireworks, but funnily enough it's usually clear for bonfire night, most of the time :)
Happy Anniversary, enjoy your cosy trip away :)

Dragonlady said...

Hi Julie,

What a beautiful card. Happy Anniversary for tomorrow.

I have two young children and at the moment looking at things through their eyes is making me appreciate each and every month.

Hugs Ali x

Julie said...

Such a beautiful post, Julie--I loved reading every word! It's so important to have to have little moments we look forward to throughout the year--the big ones, too! We just celebrated our 21st last May--my, how the time flies! I'll save the congrats for your actual day (but here's a little bit right now!) I LOVE every month for the new joys, traditions, and beauty it brings, but I must say that Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year--December possibly my favorite month, but I really do love it all! AND I love coming here--thanks for always having such lovely things to share, and for being so kind to me (I love your visits!)

Mandy said...

Hello...your card is stunning...happy anniversary for today and I love in australia the weather is perfect....and it means christmas is next month...november is my second favourite season...take

Tami said...

The card is beautiful! Happy Anniversary (tomorrow)! And, this year, I LOVE November. Last year I didn't seem to enjoy it as much but I think that's because I didn't go home. It was just going to be too hard with Christmas only a few weeks later. This year it's the same situation but the school system where I teach gave us an extra day at Thanksgiving. I am looking forward to seeing my nephew that I haven't seen since July!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful card.Just lovely!I love November, I was born on Thanksgiving Day so all of my family get together every year at that time.It also seem s to set off the Christmas holiday as well.

I remember back we never did anything til about december for Christmas but now the retailers have changed that,lol.So we begin to decorate after Thanksgiving.

Have a great new week ahead!

Sue said...

Happy Anniversary!! Love the card. I like November cos its my birthday month!! Yeh!! I also love the Bonfire Night celebrations we have here as I LOVE fireworks!

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

you shocked me with GRANDMA! i cannot believe you're a grandma! and a VERY HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!! they say if it rains on your wedding day - that's showers of happiness. if it snows on your wedding day - you're screwed - LOL only kidding.

my anniversay is jan. 2 and it was 72 degrees the day we got married - 10 yrs in jan. it was a fluke as it had snowed the week before. go figure.

i love october the best too, but then, i love thanksgiving. december - eh! xmas is for kids and it's too freakin' cold!

thanks for sharing your wonderful experience and that absolutely gorgeous card.

big hugs - grandma!!!!! haaahhhaaahhhhaaaaa

1CardCreator said...

Happy Anniversary Julie, your card is lovely. I love fall and September through November are always my favorite times of year. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I think it's because there is so little stress related to the day. No rushing to shop and decorate and get everything done. Just cook a good dinner and enjoy! My kind of day. ~Diane

Sue a/k/a MOUSEMOM40 said...

Gorgeous card Julie! I love the colors! We were shivering right alongside you last night. My nephew didn't think he needed a hat. HA! Indiana Jones had to go back to Auntie's house for a hat afterall. I do love November too. In fact, Nov. 2nd is the day I met my hubby - 24 years ago! I wish you and yours the best - and many more! Hugs!

*Alison* said...

WOW!! this is so beautiful.. I love the colors and all the elements.. so fun and vibrant.. Happy ANN :) :) you deserve a much needed break.. HUGS

Mona L. Pendleton said...

Beautiful card Julie! I love the color scheme in your cad! Happy Anniversary! Hugs, Mona

Anonymous said...

This is gorgeous

beedeebabee♥ said...

Happy Anniversary Julie! I LOVE November, it's one of my favorite months, and I think it's a lovely month to get married in! October, November AND December, are just the best! I also love your beautiful card! Pink and brown are sooo pretty together!
Hugs, Paulette ;)