Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Very Happy Christmas Gift!

What a terRIFfic Christmas gift!

Many of you know Savannah O'Gwynn from her wonderful
and creative blog, Savannahland2.  You may also know her
as one of my fellow designers over at The Play Date Cafe.

I was super excited to get the call that Sav & her husband Travis,
would be traveling through Chicago on their way to O'Hare airport
and I jumped at the chance to go spend some time with them.

Because we have been design-team-mates for nearly a year,
(which we only just realized tonight)
and because we Skype all the time, recognizing the really
tall girl at the door of The Longhorn Steak House
was no problem!

Travis was a great sport as Savvy and I spent a good portion
of the two and a half hours talking blogging, stamping, etc...
Paul was supposed to make the trip with me, but he had to
work a couple of extra hours today at B&N
(no rest for the retailer at Christmas...)

What a great couple!

I highly recommend spending time with fellow bloggers
when you have the opportunity.
Now I am working on the idea of a reunion of the designers 
from The Play Date fun would that be??!!!

So here's a question for you....

Who have you had an opportunity to meet 
since you've been blogging?

I'd love for you to share by leaving a comment.

OH!  Before I forget, I want to thank Susanna over at
Paper Craft Planet for
the Holiday Blog Post they featured today.
You can view it here.... 
I loved making that collection of cards and was
happy to be asked to share them with you once again.


StampinCathy said...

How exciting!! I'm sure you both had a fabulous time together. I haven't had the opportunity yet, but I know I will some day. Travis is a trooper to hang out with two very talented and amazing women.

Michele Gross said...

Oh you lucky girls!! What a super fun night!!
So neat that you were able to get together!!
I am very fortunate to live in Colorado...a mecca for crafty bloggers! I've been lucky enough to get inky with Kazan and Laura from 2S4Y, Lisa Petrella, Tenia Nelson, Jenny Erichsen. I also got to hang out with Paulina and her very talented mom Nami in Colorado Springs this past summer. Meeting up with blog friends is the bestest!! So many more I want to meet and YOU are on the short list :D

Mona L. Pendleton said...

Oh how fun! Looks like the two of you had a great time getting together :) What a wonderful Christmas gift!

Janna said...

Look at those two gorgeous women over there! Bet you had a great time together :)

Sarah Anderson said...

Cool plan, where shall we meet up? ;) Funnily enough I dreamt last night I had to work really hard and save up for my flight to the US in April where I was teaching - what a funny thing to dream about!!!

Sarah Anderson said...

ps soooooo glad you got to meet up with Sav, sounds like you had such, such fun catching up :) And good on Trav, how sweet is he:)

Colleen Dietrich said...

That's neat that you and Savannah got a chance to meet! I've met Andrea Ewen since we became blog buddies 6 months ago. Loved, loved, loved hangin' out with her!

PS - I understand about working retailer's hours during Christmas; I work in a grocery store, and am in fact scheduled to work 'til 8 on Christmas Eve. :(

Jaclyn Miller said...

What beautiful ladies! So glad you guys got to meet...I think it is just amazing to be able to meet someone from blog land in person!

TRace Kuzniak said...

So fun to meet fellow bloggers!!! I was so lucky to arrange a girls retreat where I met four other Hero Arts much fun!! I have since then visited my dear friend Kathy Racossin "the Daily Marker" again this past June. Would LOVE to meet all the girls from PDCC!!!

Savannah O'Gwynn said...

HOOOORAY! I had a great time with you! My dinner was SUPER! Hope you had some good leftovers:) Thanks so much for meeting me in Chicago! We will do it again soon:)

As for me--you are the only one I've really met. I did see The Spotted Chick (Jeanie) at a garage sale down here in FL. And my friend, Kim, has a blog...but real bloggers..YOU are the only one:) LOVE IT!

Paul said...

Well I'd be over the moon to meet both you and Savannah. However, I've met lots of fellow PDCC players this year. Plus, as you know, i've bumped into Sarah a coupla times too :).

I wish both you and Paul a very merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year. Pxxxxxxxxx