Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Play Date Cafe Challenge

Look at this stunning color story from our girl Jax

I unfortunately was over-extended this week.
(I'll share why at the end of this post)
So I was unable to create something for this challenge,
but I know a fabulous Design Team who did and here are
just a few of the beautiful creations you'll find in
The Cafe to inspire you...

CAS beauty by the aforementioned Jaclyn Miller

CAS elegance by the one and only Andrea Ewen

Fab creativity from the artistic mind of Fiona Schultz

I hope you will play along this week.
We have a tremendous new sponsor with us... is what has taken up much of my
attention in the past week....

Many of you know my 8 yr old grandson, CJ.
Last week, we were called to the hospital because
CJ had fallen from the top of the slide on the playground
and had an ambulance ride to the hospital.

His left arm was indeed broken.
That is NOT his elbow you are looking at...enough said!
It was a long day of waiting for surgery, but he had
to have a couple of pins put in because the
break was so bad.  He stayed overnight in the hospital
and received his brand new blue cast yesterday.

I've been on babysitting duty all this week and it's
cut in to my creative time...but I know you understand
and I couldn't imagine doing anything else but
taking care of that little man.

Do me a favor...get over to The Cafe...and play!


lynn said...

oh, goodness! so sorry this happened to him, julie. wishing him a fast recovery:)

Lindsey said...

Ouch! That arm photo is painful just to look at. Hope everything heals well, and enjoy your time looking after CJ.

Digi Darla said...

Poor dear! So sorry that happened. Boys are hard to raise without at least one trip to the emergency room! My 7 yo broke his leg sledding last winter- I knew right away it was broken.... so sad to see tbem hurting. I know you will take great care of him. I can feel the love okzing from the page :-).

Pam Wendt said...

Oh poor little guy!
I hope he has a speedy recovery!! :o)

Jinny Newlin said...

Oh, those pictures just break my heart! Ugh! I hope that he is doing so much better today... Poor thing :(!