Sunday, March 21, 2010

Thank You for Your Kindness...

So I was driving my Toyota this week when
I noticed something was not quite right.
(Boy, how many times have we heard that recently?)'s true.  I have a Toyota Camry that I wouldn't
part with for the world, but I seemed to be experiencing
the complete opposite problem from most.
My brakes not only worked, but they became engaged
to the point where I could no longer accelerate. 

So what does this have to do with the image above?

While our car was being worked on, the lovely Nancy who works
with my husband Paul at Barnes & Noble, offered to give him a
ride home, which was so kind especially as she lives completely
the opposite direction.
So I made this card for her.

I used my favorite Memory Box stamps along with their fabulous
papers.  I LoVe this company, I must say!
I used Martha's eyelet punch and a bit of sewing.
The sentiment was designed by 
my good friend Kristen Powers.

The car?  It's fine.  Just needed a new cylinder.
It's a classic, '97 in periwinkle blue.
No recall, no worries  : )


kristen said...

OMG haha I did not recognize the 'thank you' stamp! I was just going to comment on what a beautiful card this is...and that was BEFORE i knew you used my little stamp! It is really very pretty. :)

PapierGirl said...

Hi Julie! Thanks for making a stop at my blog and for your compliment! Your card is just lovely - I love the soft colors, stitching and stamping! You're right we are close! Cathy :)

MB Shaw said...

Pretty card! Thank so much for stopping by my blog :-) Look forward to getting to know you.

ScrappinCntryGrl said...

very pretty card!!

Karen said...

Quite pretty! Love the sweet borders & pearls on the petite flowers. And glad you and your Toyota are OK!!! :>

Connie said...

Darling, sugar! You're very kind to have done that for her and she was very kind to offer hubby a ride.

I have a Camry also and wouldn't part with it for the world. I loooooove my Camry.

Drop over for a look at some gorgeous paper roses, chickee. I think you'll get a chuckle out of them.


Sharon said...

Gorgeous card Julie. I love the combination of papers and image you used and the little pearl centers add just the right elegance. Lovely.

Rufus said...

What a pretty card. So glad that you are OK and weren't hurt! You had me worried with the first sentence, but I figured if you could type and craft, it couldn't be toooo bad!

Heather Jensen said...

WOW! That is scary. I have a 97 Saturn that I can't part with. I love it and have never had anything wrong with it. I feel like I might end up with a lemon since I have been so lucky with this car. :)

This card is so pretty. The color of the stamp matches the paper perfectly. I am sure she will love it. :)

Grace said...

This is so pretty! I love this branch stamp and your sewing and of course the pretty papers! Awesome card that she will really love!

Crystal said...

Beautiful Julie, wow I LOVE that flower image and the way you added some bling..BEAUTIFUL sweetie!! Enjoy your Monday

Tamie said...

Julie your thank you card is just gorgeous!!!! I love the pearls and the way you colored each of your flowers. Simple but elegant. She will love it, especially because you made it.

On a side note my DH brought a 2010 RAV 4. He has had no problems yet...I hope he doesn't (fingers crossed) and I am sorry to hear that you have. We have a truck(toyota) that is so old and miled out...LOL that we can't bare to part with. Julie if you don't mind could you email me so I could ask you a question about your vehicle? my email:

Beautiful work you are a great inspiration! Smiles

Lisa Somerville said...

Beautiful combination of papers!

Sarah Anderson said...

you have such lovely things to make your gorgeous cards with..i want to come and play in your workspace :)

chris f said...

Lovely card again! What beautiful papers - I agree with Sarah - can I come too?
I had a Toyota Corolla until last year when I parted with it reluctantly due to extreme age and mileage (both me and car). When I bought it, years before, I got into it and it said, "I'm your car buy me now I will take care of you". It was lipstick red and I loved it. Now I have a very efficient safe comfortable silver German car that I just cannot bond with. Oh well.
Yes, I probably am bananas, Sarah will confirm. :-)

sema said...

Hi Julie,
Thank you for visiting my blog and your appreciation.Your works are inspiring and I am a mutual fan now!