Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Finally...An Open Window!

Back on June 14, 2009
I began this blog and gave it a name based on
the inspiration that comes from having
'open windows'.
If you are interested, click HERE to see how
it all began.

Now, over 260 posts later (not counting my
second blog, The Play Date Cafe) and
nearly 400 followers,  I am very happy to say
that today, for the first time since November,
I was able to open the window once again!

I know, I know...probably doesn't seem to be a big deal,
maybe not even worth blogging about, but I would be remiss
not sharing this day as it's the total theme for this internet life
I've created.  It's currently 71 lovely degrees here in
Northern Illinois and I feel inspired!

Many of you know that this is no longer my view.
Just a little over 2 months after I started this blog,
the view changed and I was not happy!
I'm still extremely disappointed.
If you don't know the story and want to see
what THAT was all about, click HERE

I have yet to take a photo of the outcome because it's still
pretty messed up out there.
(what an oxymoron that is...pretty messed up?)
This was the view just a couple week's after the
land massacre began.
I've since talked to the City planning manager and he has
told me to be prepared that this is only the beginning.
That lovely field leading up to the farm in the first photo
will soon be an office development, and that will be 
located just on the other side of the new road.

By the case it escaped your mind as you read
my saga....this road is literally 13 paces from my patio.

Am I still inspired by the view....mmmm, not so much.
But an open window is always the first sign of lovely
things to come....
and THAT'S what I choose to see.


C'est Moi, Julie Marie said...

Hi Julie, oooh, I am so sorry, I just read your post about the devastation... I can sooo relate! I recently posted about our little farmhouse out in the country,, it you get a chance, you may want to read it... we had something very similar to happen to us... we eventually had to move to find peace and quiet... I did a second post showing pics of our little dream house before the devastation came our way too... I honestly know what you are going through... it is so very hard. I am sad that you lost your beautiful view... you have a better attitude than I did... I didn't even want to open our windows... I hate development... we still wish we could find a "place in the country" where things don't change... xoxo Julie Marie

Helen said...

I checked back to your opening post. I read the earlier tale a while back. Hope the "mess" gets sorted soon, you manage to stay very positive.

Hels Sheridan said...

I can imagine how upsetting it would be to loose your an office block too! Having lived on one of the busiest roads in the town...where cop cars and ambulances whizz up and down, sirens blaring, speeds of 70mph plus...I can empathise...when we moved here is was lovely and we are now a cul de sac where no cars can get to that speed! Hoping you get things sorted real soon...and I just love that word you used...Oxymoron is one of my favest words! Hugs hun x

Connie said...

I live for open window days, sugar! I just love the fresh air but in this desert of Idaho the days are few and far between for open windows. We take 'em as we get 'em though....

Diane said...

Oh Julie :( I don't even know what to say, just stay as positive as you are and keep creating. The weather here in Northwest Pa is warming up too--not quite that warm , but warm for here!

peggy gatto said...

I am disappointed for you!!!
But as an artist I know somehow you will change your view to what you can enjoy!
What do you see when you close your eyes!!!
Take care!

Savannah O'Gwynn said...

OH wow--I bet that would be upsetting. But I love how you are still positive! And that you got to open your windows! Fresh air--always good for the body! Love how Peggy said, "What do you see when you close your eyes!" So true:) Enjoy the open window!

Lori said...

Yea, the window is open! Bummer about the new "view", not so much!

Sarah Anderson said...

wonderful weather, nasty 'view'
i have nasty weather, and an ok view, but the weather changes and I'm so sorry your view won't xxx

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

71 in northern illinois! it's 77 in the far west burbs. you should take a ride down!!!

oh i remember your story. i'd be putting my house up for sale! that totally sucks! but i love your optimism!!!

a very happy easter, sweetie!

lisa said...

I'm with Sarah, Julie. It's such a pity your beautiful view has gone, I'd be more than a bit disappointed. Your weather sounds fantastic though. We are still shivering over here in the UK, although the windows do get opened when the sun shines!!


Lara Mosby said...


Thanks for following me! Great blog. And I definitely appreciate the open windows. I live in the highlands of western PA and I threw open the windows as soon as it stopped freezing overnight. I have absolutely no views (except of the neighbors!) but I love the air. HAPPY SPRING!