Sunday, June 14, 2009

This is my open window...

It seems to me that when people are searching for the 'perfect' blog name, it can either be a spur of the moment decision, or one that we agonize over for days into weeks. I fall into the second category.

I sat for days making a list of things that define 'me'. I asked my husband, "if I were to die, what would be the things you would most remember about me?". He was very reluctant to go there. I don't blame him, but it was the only question I could think of. I opened my bedroom window this morning, in the ritualistic way that I do, I started to think about what it is that makes this a moment I always look forward to. Is it something from my childhood, spending time with grandparents who lived a rural life? Or is it just that breeze that you can only experience from an open window on a beautiful day....and then it hit me! That was the first 'description' on my list of things that define ME. I love windows! Big, open windows. It doesn't matter what the weather, if they can be open, I open them!

So welcome to Julie's Open Window!

I want this place to be there for those who want to explore all life has to offer through the medium of art. I am no photographer, but the first few photos you will see here, are my views through my open windows. From there, we will switch gears a bit to all things handmade. But I must say, the view that I have through my open windows, those views were made by the GREATEST HANDS OF ALL...God, our Creator. Enjoy!


Sarah Anderson said...

what a gorgeous view!!

Julie R. Murray said...

It's just a field with a farmhouse in the distance, but it's not bad for being so close to the city!