Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Favorite Friend from England

You've read many times little bits about my friend Sarah. She created this lovely little fairy and sent it to me along with a fabulous collection of fun things to play with in my own artwork. I will post a photo of those things tomorrow.

I love Sarah. She and I met in, what at the time, seemed like a most unusual way. Now it's the way most of us meet new people...the internet. I'll try for the short version.

My store was hosting it's first paper arts retreat and I was searching the web for different ways to promote the event. I went on to a website that had a place for people to leave comments after their own visit. I read some of the posts, and there was one from a woman named Sarah from the UK.

Well...being married to someone from the UK, my curiosity got the best of me and I decided to email this total stranger, just to ask her where in England she was from. Low and behold, she was from the Manchester area, where my husband Paul is from. Over the next several weeks, we emailed and found out that we had so much in common, it felt like divine intervention, which we still believe to this day. After 'getting to know one another' for a year or so, she arranged to attend our 2nd annual retreat, and she was able to spend a week with me in my home. The last time I saw Sarah was nearly 3 years ago. We made a trip to Banbury to spend 3 weeks with Paul's mum(that's for you, sweetie) and we took the train up to Manchester to see Sarah and her family. I spent 3 great days at Sarah's 'manor'. I am hoping to have an opportunity to see her again in next February. So, Sarah and I have been friends for nearly 10 years....and the rest, as they say, is a fabulous history!

My life has become so enriched by our friendship. Today the internet plays such a huge role in people connecting. I mean look at this moment are reading my blog and there's a good chance we haven't even met. I think that's one of the reasons Sarah and I both have blogs because it just makes's become a natural transition at this time of our lives.

Please visit her blog and leave a comment....and tell her hello for me!

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