Thursday, June 18, 2009

Feeling Sparkly!

How much glitter do you own? After I started counting my jars and reached 50, I stopped counting. For some, that may be just a drop in the bucket, but for me, it's a pretty good start.

You see, even as a child, I wasn't interested in playing with the 'messy stuff'. It just seemed like too much work to wash it off my hands. Then it sticks to everything. Then I'd have to wash my hands again. It was a never-ending battle that I just didn't care to fight.

So, you can see why I say that my little stash of sparkly color is a pretty big deal. No, I still don't like that it sticks to everything, and you certainly can't breathe while your trying to put it back in the jar, but oh my goodness, it's so pretty!

Do you have glitter in your art basket? I just recently started what are affectionately being called "art buckets" for my 2 oldest grandsons. Caleb, he's 3, likes to color as long as you help him, but then he is off to do his next task, whatever that is for a 3 year old. But it's a different story for C.J. He's 6 and he loves art. When he found out that his "mema" has taught paper arts since before he was born, well, let's just say I achieved a much higher status in his mind. Every visit he nearly begs for me to teach him art. Time sometimes doesn't allow for very much, but what we accomplish in just a small space of time is just enough for him. As for Alex, Jr who just turned 1, well need I say more? The story continues....keep reading....


Anonymous said...


I love these shades of glitter!

~ Gabriela ~

Julie Ranae said...

Coming from the glitter queen, I thank you!