Monday, June 22, 2009

What's On Your Wish List?

So these are some of the treasures that Sarah sent me. I am so looking forward to creating some fun pieces to share with you. The only thing missing from the photo are a couple of magazines that I absolutely love. CraftStamper and Cards. Sarah knows how much I love to collect British magazines and of course, anything having to do with rubber stamping is a plus!

Sarah and I are working on our wish lists. There are things here in the U.S. that she would love to try and of course, the same holds true for me and the UK.

What's on your wish list? Isn't it exciting to purchase something that you've been waiting for! Then there's the ceremonial 'crossing off of the item from the actual list' That just makes room for the next thing, doesn't it?!

The comments section of this post is open, so please share....what's on your wish list.....

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Sarah Anderson said...

I'm really glad you liked your surprise pressie :)