Thursday, February 18, 2010

What's Brewing? Coffee and a Little More...


The Play Date Cafe Challenge was posted extremely late
and I promised the players over there if they stopped
by my blog, I would explain why.
I will do that at the end of this post...

I LoVe this photo by Maria Medeiros over at CozyComfyCouch.
I thought it was terrific inspiration and am very excited to see
what everyone does with this color combo.

Me?  I took it a bit 'literally' 
and went very CAS (clean and simple)!

I have the limited edition Fiskar's 'coffee mug' punch and 
thought this was the perfect time to use it.
I stamped the linen-finish punched-pieces with the fabulous
These stamps are so versatile and I love having them as
my 'go-to' background images.
The sentiment is from The Paper Company.
The 'Eyelet Lace Border' punch and ribbon 
are from Martha Stewart.

A quick reminder that the DESIGN TEAM CALL
is still going on over at The Play Date Cafe.
For all the details, click here

Now to share the past 24 hours of frustration...

Recognize this?  If you have been a follower of my blog
for the past 6 months or so, you know we recently went through
the construction process of a brand new road.
If you are newer to The Open Window, I would encourage you
to catch up with the story HERE before you continue.

The reason for the close-up photo above is to give you an idea of
the proximity from our patio to what's next.

We awoke yesterday morning to lots of noise and many voices.
As I looked out the patio doors, this was the scene behind
all the condo units.  It seems when they built the now famous
'Road to Nowhere', the original easement was not in the appropriate
place, so all....yes, ALL the underground utility lines had to be moved.

About 3pm on Wednesday, I arrived home to no electricity and the
conversation went something like this:
"can you tell me how long we will be without power?"
"we're working on it"
"so you have no idea if this was planned or accidental"
"we're working on it...we've called ComEd"
No lights, no phone, no heat...chilly.

At 8:30pm, 2 men, who I would assume were 
frozen to the core, gave me the good news that we
were getting close...mission accomplished shortly after that.

I rushed to my computer only to find that my DSL was
not functioning.  I picked up our phone and....dead.

It was like an army of people outside today...workers everywhere.
Obviously our phone and DSL service were restored...
approximately 3pm this afternoon.
And now...
HERE'S what it looks like outside my patio door
as I type this...

When they spotted for all these cables, they said not to worry because
it's all done very 'electronically' so the digging will be minimal.
This is just behind our looks like this behind every building.

Here's the part that I just have to laugh at....
It was only OUR unit...
our lowly little abode that was disconnected.
Gee...I hope they're coming back.

Don't they KNOW I have a blog to take care of?


Jan Hennings said...

Wow...a real hassle for you...hoping everything is up and running, especially your heat..brrr :)

Maggi said...

What a cute little card, love that punch! So sorry you're having to deal with all of that, yuck! Hope they're done soon!

Rufus said...

What a mess! Hope they finish up and leave you alone, SOON! The card is great, though. Can certainly identify with the sentiment!

Axes DesigNs said...

ahhahaa... things happen.. thanks for the expanation.. I'm a civil engineer and I undestand :p

I'll try to work in the challenge those colors are so pretty!!! Thanks ;)

Mona Pendleton said...

That is crazy!!!! Don't they know you have TWO blogs to take care of???? Love your card for the challenge - so fitting! I don't do mornings without my coffee either! It is huge like a mug of soup!!! YUMMY!!! Glad all is well :) Was worried about you!

Helen said...

Hi, thanks for the update - I was worried too - and what a pain workmen can be! I hope all goes smoothly from now. Love the coffee cups, they look fab.

Fliss said...

Sorry to hear of your troubles Julie. I don't think workmen seem to care about giving you warning for things as a month ago I found water cut off here with no warning and had to tell off 2 very sheepish workmen who hadn't bothered to let me and the neighbours know there'd be no water for 2 hours as they were fixing something.
Hope they finish off all the roadwork soon and my heart goes out to you.

Anne Jagger said...

How frustrating! They just don't know the importance of Blogs!!!!! Seriously, how awful for you, hope they can sort it out with minimal disruption from now on.
Love your card and love the colours this week. Got my thinking cap on.

Sandi said...

love that card Julie and oh so sorry about all your angst. Hugs

Anonymous said...

Sorry about all the mess that's happening close to your home. That must be stressful. Hang in there. I appreciate the lovely feature and thank you so much. Thank you for using my stock and mentioning me. I truly thank you Julie. I adore the card and theme here. Lovely work! :D hugs!

Sarah Anderson said...

you're going to need more than two cups of coffee each morning to get going with all that going on outside! I didn't realise how close it was until I saw the pics!!
I do love this card, simple and chic :) Beautiful! xx

Hels Sheridan said...

Fab card, that is sooooo me on a morning..I need two cups before I can even speak for all that malarkey outside your window...eeeee, looks baaad hun, I have an idea though...if they were stripped to the waist and very hunky, they may just be worth it LOL Loving all your latest arty things x

Stef H said...

first...... i absolutely LOVE the card. and that is soooo me. i'm great once i've had my coffee.
2d... boy, i'd be more than ticked off. i'm prayin' for ya sugar!

Hearts Turned said...

Oh, my dear friend...that's just hideous! I'm so sorry you had to deal with that!

Your card is wonderful==love the clean & simple look--I have a very hard time accomplishing that!

Thanks for visiting and being so sweet...we do have a lot in common, don't we?

Hope your weekend is better than your no utilities day...!

Julie said...

love the colours on the card thanks for poping by my blog.

Tamie said...

Hey Julie (sorry I spelt your name wrong, I changed it though). I feel your pain, we had something similar with a water lines that they were fixing. I took pictures of a porta potty they put on my front lawn without asking and all of the other big equipment on my front lawn. A little annoyed we were for 3 days, no water and power on and off. It sure is frustrating when you have things to do. I send you hugs and thanks for your comments and for the honor this week. I love the colors you choose and your *stinkin* cute card *love it*. I am not a coffee drinker but I do loooooooooooooove hot chocolate. Which I am going to go and have...LOL with a mortin. Chocolate or coffee it does make a person feel better. Happy crafting my friend.

lisa said...

I love your card, although it would need to be tea in my case. I don't get out of bed before I've had my first cuppa in a morning!!!!
By the look of what you are having to put up with I should think you've resorted to alcohol by now. How awful to have this going on just outside your window after loosing that lovely view.
I hope they get your utilities back on, by the look of the weather you NEED them!!
Stay warm.


Michele said...

What a nightmare! Fab card though - love the clean and simple style.

Kathryn B said...

Love your card Julie. Hope everything continues to stay up and running for you! Love the colors this week! ;0)

Hanne said...

This card is really beautiful! I totally agree with that text! Love coffee in the morning:)

Basement Stamper said...

Great card, I love that little coffee punch and the sentiment is cute!