Monday, February 22, 2010

Begging for Spring!

As I made a visit to my friend Julie Campbell's blog
I found one of the seven deadly sins setting in.
You guessed it...



I had already started working on this card last
night, but after seeing the lovely photos of
an early spring in California, I decided to get this
finished so I could get a decent photo
because the sunshine just isn't cooperating right now.

This is from the new 'Songbird' Collection from DCWV.
I did a little sewing and added buttons and
Diamond Stickles and the verse is a rub-on
(which is my BOO for the day...
I've had those FoReVeR!)
My favorite embellishment though, is the ribbon
detail that I tried my hand at thanks to the 
tutorial over at the Gingersnaps Creations blog.
Erika shows step-by-step this ultra-easy way to
make the gathered trim WITHOUT sewing.
I used fabulous textured satin ribbon from
Martha Stewart.


So did you visit yesterday?
I had a great time putting together the
'Autograph Sessions' interview with 
Diana Trout, author of 'Journal Spilling'.
If you missed it, just click here.

I also want to congratulate Jennie and Hels
over at The Artistic Stamper on their 400th follower.
Jennie is giving away another batch of blog candy 
to celebrate, so I hope you will stop by & say hello!

That's it for today....but before I go,
here is what I want to know.....

What technique or product for paper crafting
have you NOT tried yet, but really want to?
I've been thinking about some tutorials for you
and would love to know what trips YOUR trigger!

Leave a comment and let's see what we come up with!


Janet said...

What a happy looking card you've created! I love the little loops of ribbon along the side.

I'm in Southern CA and we had some clouds today!

kae pea said...

ooh LOVE this one! And I am definitely ready for spring. If I wasn't before I sure am now!

Hearts Turned said...

Don't be envious, Julie--just come for a visit! Love your card--just perfect! The technique I'm inching closer to trying and always wanted to try is simply using the sewing maching on my cards. Apparently I'm too lazy to drag it out to my kitchen table! Maybe I'll do it now that I've admitted my laziness!

Sharli Schaitberger said...

I love the card! It's awesome!! I will have to attempt to imitate it! I also visited the link teaching how to do that fancy technique with the ribbon - another "must try" on my list. You are very inspiring - I'll be working on Julie ideas for a long, long while!


Unknown said...

Julie, thank you so so much for you compliments about the ribbon tutorial over at Gingersnap Creations. I'm so happy that you found inspiration and tried a technique of mine. thank you thank you thank you

Suzanne C said...

Love the bright and cheery colors on your card. Makes me think of spring which someday will come for us. :) Lovely ribbon technique.

Unknown said...

Hello! It's Elizabeth of Creative Breathing. Thank you so very much for stopping by my blog through Julie! I see you as well are a paper crafter extraordinaire! Your group along with Julie create works of art, truly! I am always so surprised at how much she likes my silly little craft projects. She makes my heart smile! Elizabeth

Sarah Anderson said...

oo oo oo, what gorgeous paper; especially now you've added the stitching and, buttons and stitching, 3 of my favourite things lol :)
will have to check out that ribbon tutorial!
at the moment I'm itching to try making a canvas with wax, got to have stitching featured in there too!

Maggi said...

Those button flowers are so fun! Hmmmm, tutorial thoughts...not sure, I love learning any new technique I can, there's so many good ones out there!

lisa said...

What a beautiful card full of sunshine, just what we need at the minute, I love it.


Chriss Blagrave said...

Love the Springy red and green of this new paper and that pleated ribbon id such a beauty! I am off to check out the tutorial!

Axes DesigNs said...

Thanks by stoping by my blog.. your card is so beautiful... I'm in southern California and I went to the beach this afternoon to see the sunset.. OMY it was beautiful! a little chilly but just for a few more days... the flowers start blooming! I love spring!.. same as your card ;) those buttons are so pretty...

Meghana said...

Such a pretty card. Thanks so much for all your encouraging comments on my blog. It is always nice to hear from you. Love all your work!! Looking forward to learning something new from you.

Mona Pendleton said...

Pretty card Julie! I love your use of button - spring is just around the corner :)

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness this is gorgeous! Love it. Thanks so much for your lovely comment & for staying on to visit the craziness. :)