Friday, June 18, 2010

Where Bloggers Create II...Welcome!

Welcome to 
The Party of the Year!

'Where Bloggers Create II' was started by
Karen Valentine over at My Desert Cottage
and this year, we have over 450 guests
participating, so I am just ONE on
the guest list...make sure you stop by
her blog, check out the guest list
and start your visits!

 While most other bloggers may share 
their entire studios with you,
I will be sharing the favorite parts
of my creative space with you.

If you make it through this post all the way
to the end, I will invite you to participate in

So here we go.....

All in all, this is why it's difficult to have a good run at
any one project!  This is Lucy, my 16 year old
sweetheart who keeps me company quite often : )

Much of my inspiration comes from paper crafting
magazines.  This is just a 'smidge' of a sampling
of my British magazines.  Those who follow my blog
know that I am a magazine fanatic!
So believe me when I tell you that this doesn't begin to
cover the amount of 'inspiration' I can find on a 
regular basis.

There are two things in my little creative space that I can
never have too much of


...and ribbon.

I am creating quite a little collection of these as well!
I can't fit them all on one shelf at the moment,
but I think you get the idea  : )
Love my Martha Stewart punches from EK Success.

One of my favorite shelves is the top one with a
variety of cards, gifts and autographs from some
pretty 'famous' papercrafters and artists.

This shelf and the inspiration board house a few more
handcrafted cards from my friends as well as baskets
of things I 'just can't live without'.

Within easy are the tools that I use on an everyday basis.
And here is my new favorite tool...

My new paper distressor.  No more using my
little hand tools which eventually get dull.  You can
run a whole batch of cardstock, chipboard and more
through this baby and in one fell swoop...
Well, you get the picture  : )

One other small collection I have are these fabby
chunky books.  I use them for altered items and for
wonderful retro images on my cards.  I always manage
to find them in the bargain book section of my
favorite store...say it with me...
Barnes & Noble.

I decided to leave you with a few of my favorite things.

Now you may be asking yourself...
Isn't she a stamper?
Where are all her stamps?
Well..if you look hard in a few of the photos, you will
see them all lined up in a few baskets, but those are just
my clear or unmounted sets.  I have a boatload of 
old-school wood mounted stamps 
that I will never part with, but to be honest, I just did not
have the time or fortitude to organize them in a
presentable way for you   : )
So maybe next time, huh?!

So you made it to the end!
Now for the fabby giveaway...
Please leave a comment and
let me know which of the items
 in my creative space would
most likely be found in yours...

I will gladly part with a few things from my 
creative stash
and send it to the winner.

The deadline for leaving a comment on
is Midnight EST, Saturday, June 26th
I will draw using
on Sunday,  June 27th.
Make sure you check back to see
if you are the winner!

While you're here, I hope you will become
a follower and help me celebrate my

Click here for another
Fabby Giveaway!


Connie said...

Darling, sweetpea! I could get lost in there and live just crafting and creating. Wish you lived here in Idaho!

Rufus said...

WOWSA! I, too love ribbon, MS punches, Spellbinders, and Distress ink. Don't do to much glitter, since I make a lot of cards for Operation Write Home and you can't have any glitter on those. Oh, MAGAZINES how could I forget those! I was heartbroken when The Rubber Stamper sold out and basically went kaput. Used to get tons of ideas from there. Still have all my old issues almost back to the start! Loved Lucy, too. It's been years but I still miss my kitties. Thanks for the in depth tour! Happy Blogoversary and very many more!!

Cecelia said...

Hello there Julie! Can I say that I am a ribbon and punch fanatic! I am out of room and trying to find new ideas for storing my ribbon and punches. I actually went with a few friends last weekend to a place called the Ribbon Barn and bought TONS I just cannot seem to get enough;0) Love seeing tours of others' creative spaces. Thanks so much for sharing!

Dawnll said...

Well I am a collector of ribbon and lace also,I am thrilled to see some of your favs.
Love stopping in and my post will be going up soon also.

Theresa Plas said...

So cute! Love all the goodies that you've organized so perfectly! Thanks for sharing:)

Julye said...

Hiya Julie, well I don't feel so ad now, hubby and son keep telling me I have too much craft stuff and I aleways thought I worked in a semi organised chaos but have to say I don't have half as much stuff as you and I don't feel bad now about my chaos at all. I seem to have a little bit of most of the things you have, I have my big shot but only a couple of dies, all my stamps are in a draw stack or folders on laminate, and I can honestly say though I have a few punches I don't yet posess a martha stuart punch. The one thing I do seem to have a lot of is paper including a few rolls sat propped in the corner like you and I do have a sewing machine hidden in a corner too. No pussy cat or dog to keep me company I make do with the wildlife I can see from my window in the garden. Thanks for the nosey around Julye

Karen B. said...

Oh goodness, I'm drooling over those books, fabulous idea to get a NEW retro/vintage children's book! You've got an awesome space it looks like tons of fun and it works for you.

Deb Neerman said...

Love your studio, Julie! It looks a lot like my space ... including the sweet kitty and the mountain of punches!

And I have GOT to try out the Zutter Distressing tool ... automatic distressing, does it get any better than that?!?! This baby is cutting edge ... pun intended!

Sending hugs!

Erin (Homemade Cards by Erin) said...

I am in awe that your space is so clean! Very organized... I love your collection of punches, what a great supply. Plus I think it would be fun to have a great selection of craft mags on hand.

Lynn Stevens said...

Glitter and ribbon and stamps oh my!! Graet collection of goodies to play with. I think I have it all but thousands of stamps seem to fill my turntables! TFS

Emma said...

hi julie, your creating space is so cool! And your ribbons! OH! love them! i have mine in jars and jam pots! (as I haven't built me collection up so much yet) and I too have a big soppy puddy tat, Charlie, who likes to sit right on my desk, on my paper and everything! and tries to get in on the photo's I post of my cards too!
your room is a big inspiration! thanks for letting us peek round!

Jaclyn Miller said...

Oh my word you have so much ribbon; Awesome! I always want to buy more ribbon, but tell myself that I can use what I have and shouldn't spend the money on it. (that's the cheapo side of me talkin') I'm really starting to get into punches too. I remember when punches were so blah, just shapes mostly, but they've come a loooong way with them and they are all so beautiful now, especially the Martha Stewart ones. Thanks for sharing your space with us!

Helen said...

Hi, Julie, your space looks very inspiring. I can recognise lots of inks, ribbons (mine are in a box but it's a bit of a muddle), glitters (all over the place) and as for my stamps....I think I must be the last crafter alive not to have a MS punch though!! happy blogaversary!

Suzanne C said...

Julie... I am so glad to see your space. Now I don't feel so out of place sharing mine. YOURS is overflowing with goodies and so is mine. I love that you have things in boxes, containers and everywhere within easy reach. This is my motto! Very impressed with your punch army.. They are all lined up to do battle. :) and love the farm animal punch you just used on your card it is too adorable!

eiyiyi said...

Thanks Julie. I loved looking at your creative space. So many fun toys!!!! My MS punch collection is line up much like yours. Love those borders. Your assistant,Lucy, is a lovely girl. hugs to you, eileen

Janet said...

What a lovely studio...I'm definitely jealous. I'm waiting for the day that I have an extra room here to create my studio. As for items in common, my ribbon bin is overflowing, so we have that in common. I'm also a collector of things that appeal to me--so I have alot of a whole bunch of things decorating my house. Love the eclectic look.

Sharli Schaitberger said...

How fun!! I love seeing your creative space! I have piles much like your organized products. My room has almost as much ribbon as you have (not quite) but I don't have much of the glitter, except I do have all of the stickles (they're fun!) Congrats on your blogaversary!

Lisa Somerville said...

Thanks for the peek inside your creative space, it's always fun to see where others create. What can be found in my space that's in yours? The wonderful Distrezz-it-All (love that tool), distress inks, spellbinder dies, and an inspiration board!

prutsels said...

I have the ppa gloss out and distress inks and nestabilities dies, Susan got me started on this whole napkin thing, just in time to join a swap!

Jorgelina said...

Love your studio!

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

LOL well GLITTER of course...ummm actually you can find glitter in almost every room of my home.
Stamps, punches etc. also.
Hope you will stop by my place and enter my giveaway too.

Sonja said...

Thanks, It was nice to go around your creative space with you. It's full of great stuff and your cat just fits in there.
My favourite part would be the one with your new favourite toy :) I have BIA, just bought myself a Kutter.. now I'm having Distrezz-it-all on the top of my list :))) Noo, just kidding you, you can keep it :) I'll manage to distress papers without it for some time. But one day..
I just found your blog while bloghopping, so have to check it out.
Love what's there to see in a slideshow.

Ruby said...

Love your creative space! I didn't know you were an ippity chick too, how fab! I need one of those distressing tools, I will have to look for the detail on your cards now ;o) My similar things would probably be the punches and magazines. I love the blog but it's still nice flicking through a magazine with a coffee in one hand! You've beaten me on the number of punches you have!

Savannah O'Gwynn said...

OHHHHHHHHHHH my! I love love love your studio:) I want to come and play! Look at your fab cat--how cute is she? Olsen likes to sit on my desk, but he is 70+ lbs. NO WAY would it stand after he sat there for awhile! WOW--all that ribbon! MMMM! And that glitter--what are your secrets to keeping it neat and not on you or the desk or on the cat? Do tell! WOW--punches and punches and stamps and stamps and have it all:) I'm serious...I'm planning a trip, just to visit your studio (and you...and possibly Paul!). HOOOOORAY for your crafting talent and studio:) Lots of love, Savvy

Pattie said...

Wow - now that's what I call a collection of ribbon!!! In my space, as seen in yours, you will find Martha's punches and a stack of Ranger Distress Inks!!! I love your creative space! Thanks for sharing with us!

Rusted Wings said...

What an inspiration studio you have! That paper distresser tool looks like what i need to go along with my distress inks and vintage papers! Thank you for sharing your space with us!! And congratulations!
hugs, Abigail

Kim Costello said...

Your creative space looks so much fun Julie, I think I can pretty much match most of the crafty pictures... big shot 'check', I'm missing a 16 year old sweetheart though, crafty magazines as towers all over the flat 'check' ribbons, glitter, lacey bits, distress inks, childrens books 'check' I have yet to get my hands on a distrezz it all tool wowsa!!! congrats on your blogaversary HuGs Kim :)

Julia Phillips Smith said...

Happy Blogiversary! The two items from your space which are definitely in mine are magazines and bargain books. Thanks for the tour through your inspiration centers. Just love your shelf filled with art cards.

Anonymous said...

I will happily become a follower..I would love to visit again! Your blog name is one of the best I've seen..brilliant and evocative.

Thanks for sharing your studio goodies. Of course, now Ill have to find a paper distresser. That's just too cool! Enjoy the rest of the party...


Queen Bee said...

Love all that glitter! Great blog!
Queen Bee Studio

Michele Gross said...

Happy Blogiversary!!! Love your kitty! :) What a fun crafting space and so full of scrumptious goodies!! Makes me feel like gettin' inky!!!

zandra said...

You had me at your big kick, glitter, ribbon and those martha stewart I just love my new distresser, too. ;o) Congrats on your blogiversary! I just had mine last week. So, loved my time here at your blog. we have the same fasenation with scrapbooking. Enjoy the rest of the party.
Hugz, Zandra

Janelle said...

Yummy glitter! Would love those colors. Never can have enough ribbon either. Love Lucy.

Best wishes.

Mona Pendleton said...

Looks like a fun place to hang out Julie! All that crafty goodness right at your fingertips! Thanks for sharing your personal space with us :)

Jennie -The Artistic Stamper said...

wow , love looking at other people's creative spaces...yours is inspiring am into ribbons at themoment, so love your collection :)
Hugs x

Kirsty Vittetoe said...

I need to show this to my husband, so he'd know I still have a long way to go on building up those MS punches! Thanks for opening up your door for us to peek into your crafting space!

Kit said...

Great space! Love all the punches and ribbon! I myself love to collect ribbon, just in case.....LOL Thank you for visiting me in Montana! Kit

Lori said...

What a great space you have for creating! So, what's in my space that's also in yours---ahhh, plenty of ribbon and tons of magazines! I'm glad I stopped by and thanks for leaving a comment on my blog as well.

Leanne said...

Hmm, glitter and stamps most likely! Magazines of course...

Diane said...

Hi Julie, thanks so much for visiting my studio,and there's no question about it --I can't live without my magazines--my favorite would be somerset studio, but I LOVE them all!!

Susan said...

Thanks for stopping have a very nice space yourself! I see we live fairly close to each other. Thanks for sharing. SUSAN

jennifer mitten said...

I love your space - looks much more organized than my few shelves of storage space and my dining room table. I have a cat who's a bit larger than yours as well. The only think I'm not crazy about is glitter since I make cards for soldiers I am always afraid of getting glitter on the card and making them a target...thanks for following my blog - I really enjoy looking at yours! I have some of everything I see above:-)

Cat Stegall said...

Lovely lovely space! and gracie and sprout say hello to lucy!Would love to swap a card with you! Just email me!!!

Alexa Lett said...

Loved the space....and loved the fact it was not all perfectly lined up. I like the "lived in" look. I am not an owner of many the sea of white handles looked pretty awesome to me. Had fun! Thanks for the tour....enter me in the drawing!

Beth at Crazy4Art4u said...

Hi Julie, I mosied (sp?) on over and you are right, Lucy and Raphael would have a great time together! :D Your studio reminds me a lot of mine LOL lots of diversity with a focus of course :D I will become a follower gladly. Lots and lots of ribbon we share in common - I just love ribbon of all kinds, who doesn't. Have you seen the 7Gypsies "Binderie" yet? Oh my gosh, I just had to get one since I make handmade books and prefer ribbon (big surprise) to the o-rings used by the Zutter. I got it on sale with a coupon from Joann's for something like $39.99.
Anyway, nice to have a new friend...
Ciao for now, (pat Lucy for me)

Anonymous said...

Love the pics of your most favorite things to work with! Those MS punches would definitely fit right in my them!

Decor To Adore said...

What a wonderfully creative space!

I adore your storage solutions. They have inspired me.

Unknown said...

What a great space. Love the glitters!!!!

Chris said...

Lots of amazing treasures! Love all the ribbon!!
Best wishes,

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Lucy is one lucky gal. Bleubeard is not allowed in the studio, except to host my party, but that doesn't count. He's so jealous. What have you started? Now he thinks he should be allowed to jump up on the table or sit in the chair.

What would be in my studio? Well, NOT the glitter, cause I'm not a glitter gal, and not cat fur (as noted above), and not the ribbon. But I would probably have more than enough paper, handmade of course, and a few rubber stamps (about 12 at last count), and ONE MS punch, which I got as a gift and am in LOVE with. And about 1/3 as many flower petals as you have (yep, spied them). Love your blog and will be back. Maybe Lucy and Bleubeard will have a good nap while we visit.

Idas Höns said...

Thanks for stopping by at my blog! You got a wonderful creative space- I could get lost in there..., whish I hade so many things too... Live crafting and creating.
Love from scrappida

1CardCreator said...

I've been following you forever, and love how you shared the idea that we all treasure so many of the same things. I love your special spot for the cards you have received, mine are not famous people, but near and dear friends like yours I have met through blogging. I do have a bit of a problem with ribbon, I just can't seem to say no to it! Thanks for sharing! ~Diane

Anonymous said...

Hi Julie! Love your crafty space, and Lucy is just gorgeous. Thank you for the lovely message you left me and also for the links to the other fantastic blogs! I'm off for a little mooch! S xx

Anonymous said...

Ohhh!! so pretty!! Julie I love yours stuff :)Everything is so wonderfull and important as a stuff of each scrapbooker :)
I wish I have more time to read yours posts and to look at yours gregorous projects :)
Thanks for a nice comment on my blog :)

What I like the most? Robons I think :) But magazins are intresting too because we don't have them in Poland :)

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I have pretty paper and photos....books and magazines! I have pens and pencils and scissors and ribbon! I do NOT have glitter...don't know why! And I do not have stamps! EEEE! Love all of your wonderful supplies and beautiful work space! Visit me soon! ♥

craftyles said...

Wow, wh a great space. Love all your nick nacks and scrapbooking stuff. Didn't even know there was a paper distresser. Thanks for the tour!

Sugar Lump Studios said...

your creative space is just awesome! I love all the wonderful treasures you have to work with and how organized it is! beautiful spot and thanks for sharing it with us all!
I also want to thank you for your kind comments about the eBook! Have a wonderful Tuesday!

AngieHallHaviland said...

Julie!! HOW FUN!!! I love looking at others studios!!! I see we've labeled our distress inks the same way LOL I agreed...I love my ribbon and glitter and see many other supplies we both love...prima roses Ahhhh and just so much inspiration....and of course...your beautiful Cat just completes your creative ARTHaven. :)

Beedeebabee said...

Hi Sweetie! What a GREAT crafty studio you have, just brimming with all sorts of wonderful goodies!...and Lucy looks like the little princess she is sitting there in the middle of if all! ... The items you have that you'd also find in my crafty space are the laces and ribbons! I loved your tour Julie. Such a special room, filled with lovely things! xoxo Paulette

peggy aplSEEDS said...

what a lot of goodies in your space! i would love to play! i'm amazed at all the lovely ribbons and punches but i don't have a lot of those. i have a lot of books and paper.

Barbara I. said...

Hi Julie, thanks for letting us take a peak at your studio goodies. My room is constantly having to be organized as I keep buying supplies with no where to put them! LOL! I have quite a few stamps & a lot of paper too. I am inspired by looking at what other artists use. Thanks for a opportunity to win something. That is very kind of you!

Anonymous said...

Now that's a lot of ribbon! This looks like a very inspiring place to create. Thanks for the tour.

Terri said...

Fab studio filled with yummy supplies to make just about anything. Look at all that room!
This in your studio that are in mine are the clear & wood stamps, big shot, spellbinder dies. distress inks, zutter distresser and the Martha Stewart punches..etc
Thanks so much for sharing your creative space with all of us.

Debbie B said...

Just looking at your creative space makes me want to organize mine! My sewing stuff competes with the scrapbooking stuff and hubby's gun safe for floor space! Right now I'm loving ribbon, rick-rack & trims of any kind. Making oodles of dresses, playclothes, etc for our grandgirl.

Karen Valentine said...

Julie that was so much fun!!! I am blown away by the amount of ribbon you have! I bet hanging out in there with you would be tons of fun! Thank you so much for joining the party this year! It was pure pleasure!
My Desert Cottage

Create With Joy said...

Julie, love your space, and most importantly - I LOVE LUCY! :-)(

We both have lots in common in our creative spaces. Tons of stamps (I store my acrylics in baskets as well!) Lots of ribbons (although mine are boxed and hidden out of sight!) But oh, I would LOVE to have that collection of Martha Stewart punches - my budget simply won't allow for that right now!

Hope you'll stop by Create With Joy when you have a moment and let Lucy say hi to Legend (since Tsunami has been avoiding the camera as of late).

I thoroughly enjoyed the tour and am looking for next year's show and tell of the woodie collection!


JoAnn said...

Well, we have a a few things in common. I too love ribbon and glitter and cannot go without it. I also love the Martha Stewart Punches! But I think that is in most scrappers crafting rooms. I don't have as much glitter as you or as much ribbon but I'm working on it. Thank You for the chance to win some candy.

Jillayne said...

I am with you on the ribbon - there can't be too much! I haven't got into glitter yet so not sure about that one. Your room is just terrific - it looks like such a fun and inspiring place to be and create with all those lovely piles of things and treasures!

The Polka Dot Closet said...

The cat! What a great collection of goodies! Bring Lucy and come on over and meet Billie the cat!


Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

What a great room! I am in love with your shelf filled with ribbon! I could go crazy with ribbon {I have it bad for fabric, too}. I've recently been looking at the Martha Stewart punches but have held off so far on buying any.

Sandy said...

I love my Martha punches too! Fab ribbons! So many sweet supplies to play with, wish you lived next door! Thank you for sharing your creative haven.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Fun post! I have a black & white studio cat too (his name is Cosmo). We have another cat, but she just passes through on her way to more comfortable seating upstairs. Cosmo hangs out with me. Thanks for the tour!

Debby said...

Hi Julie, what a beautiful creative space you have. Love all your ribbon. Thanks for sharing.

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

Thanks for sharing parts of your studio! My favorite...glitter of course. Have a great 4th of July weekend. Connie