Friday, October 16, 2009

Getting To Know You...Part 4

This is the final designer feature for The Play Date Cafe Challenge. You have been so kind throughout the week to stop by and leave your encouragement as we prepare to bring you, what I think, will be something 'just a little different' from your average color challenge,
so a BIG THANKS TO ALL OF YOU. it's my turn. I am not sure what to share that you haven't already seen or heard, but one dear follower said that she 'couldn't wait to see my feature to see what kinds of things I create' made me smile at first because I wondered WHO she thought was making all these things on MY blog, but then it gave me the idea to go back through my own archives for some of my own favorite projects, just as I did with the other designers.
So here we go!

I live in the very same town that I was born in, nearly 50 years ago. It's not as if I never tried to leave, I mean, I have spent time in the southern Wisconsin, the Chicago suburbs and even spent a stretch of time in the North of England, but like a boomerang, I found myself
right back in Rockford!

The truth of the matter is, it's tough to leave family.

The creative people in my life have been my mom and grandma. while I was growing up, I remember my mom selling from home, different clothing lines like BeeLine Fashions and Fashion Wagon...remember those? She was fantastic at it and always looked for creative ways to get the sales in. I believe to this day, that between her techniques and my dad's business ethic, I became one of the few people you will hear say 'I LOVE RETAIL!' Then there was my grandma...the self-taught seamstress who could sew ANYTHING! Each year for Christmas, I would receive handmade Barbie clothes, trunks full! She would sew me clothes for school and reupholster furniture...
all learned just by doing it.

As we all got older, I did end up being a retailer. First I was a bookseller for many years. I worked for a variety of chain bookstores as well as publishers. Marketing was my first love throughout, so wanting my own business came naturally. While working on that plan, I assisted my mom and grandma whenever I could as they worked together, grandma the sewer, mom the embellisher and I the organizer of any craft show we could find. They sold everything from Renuzit dolls to American Girl Doll Clothes.

As you know, I did finally open that store, which I am very proud to say was the largest rubber stamp/paper arts store in our state. Mom and grandma returned the love by being there with Paul and I to pitch in and do whatever they could...pricing labels, stocking shelves, you name it!

Grandma passed away on mother's day a few years ago, which felt so appropriate a day. Each of us moms and grandmas...she taught my mom and I how to do these two things among many: how to be a mom and grandma and how to love creating!

So that's a little about where I come from when it comes to this blog. It's a bit longer than the other designer's stories, but you know how that goes! I could have shared about my life now, but you get that everyday. Maybe one day, I will share all those little oddities about me that you would be surprised to my silly pencil collection and my love of piggy banks. But for now, I hope you connected in some way to not only my story, but to the other designers as well. Our hearts are totally in this new challenge
and we cannot wait until next Thursday!


CelticWoman said...

well Julie, that was great. You made this week flow smoothly with no hitches, so I can say with confidence, we are going to have a blast! Hugs

The Stamp Man said...

Great to read your bio Julie, and looking forward to seeing your new creations:)

Jill x

Alice Wertz said...

Hi julie! I had so much fun reading your story! thanks for the incredible story about your creative mother and grandmother. I am so humbled and honored to be featured by you! thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog and work. It really warms my heart. I'll come back for more stories and inspirations! Have a beautiful weekend!

Sarah Anderson said...

I should get out my photos of when I visited your store :) said...

What a fun story, thanks for sharing.

Mona L. Pendleton said...

Can't wait for the premier! Sounds exciting! :)

Julie said...

So nice to learn more about you, Julie! We do have lots in common, I think!

I have 3-4 Fair Biancas--love their scent! Try "Glamis Castle"--similar in color, but with this gorgeous myrrh scent--my daughter used to sigh when she smelled it & said it smelled like "lotion"!

Love your beautiful creations--you're so very talented! And thanks again for you kind feature last night--I was very touched by it. There have been lots of people coming to visit today because of you--thanks!

beedeebabee♥ said...

Hi Julie! I LOVED reading all about you! =D What a great post, and what a wonderful group of girls for your DT! Hugs, Paulette ;)

Anonymous said...

what a fab post - it was nice to get a little insight into the person behind the blog.
Thanks for sharing Julie x

Danielle said...

What a wonderful story, and a wonderful bear! Family is something too many take for granted. Your story is so inspiring!

I was trying to go to the "cafe", but I can't seem to find the link. Would you send it to me so I can check it out?


Jeanie Callaghan said...

Hi! Here's the link to my blog with the playdate icon. Looking forward to che challenge.

Jeanie Callaghan