Friday, October 23, 2009

The Play Date Cafe Challenge...

Because of the overwhelming response we are already having to our brand new Play Date Cafe Challenge, I have decided to give The Challenge it very own's the details...

You can head on over the new Play Date Cafe Challenge Blog by clicking this link.  Sign on to follow along and when you are ready, Mr. Linky is there for you.  The rules to the challenge are posted on the sidebar AND in the post.  You will find everything in the post is duplicated and transferred.

If you prefer to play your first challenge directly from
The Open Window, just click here for the challenge.

It was my intention to wait until our next challenge to do this, but the response has been such that I felt it was best to do it immediately.  Also...there will be less confusion as I continue my regular daily posts and features.

SO...if you have ANY QUESTIONS, please feel free to email me at
In the meantime....I will see you at THE PLAY DATE CAFE!

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