Thursday, October 15, 2009

What A Stash & Julie Ranae's Thursday Night Favs!...scroll down for AI Blog Hop

What an absolutely busy week this has been here at The Open Window. I don't know if you could 'sense' the activity, but I am here to tell you that between my new design team features, the AI blog hop and even MORE news that will be coming in the next day or so,
it's been crazy busy.
But I wouldn't have it any other way!

So what are these photos about? A couple of days ago I received the other half of my birthday gift from dear Sarah in the UK and each of these photos show those lovely surprises. Above is a stash of wonderful bits and embellishments. Those long 'wooden-looking' strips you to see at the right are 'Cracker Snaps' that I asked Sarah to look for. I want to make and teach how to make authentic-style British 'Christmas Crackers' this season. Although we have a fair amount of Peel-Offs to choose from here in the US, it does not compare to the UK and Sarah knows I love them!

This lovely stamp set above came as a surprise gift from Jill Tuck at The Stampman in Yorkshire. When I had my store, I was the only US distributor of 'Aspects of Design' when Jill first released her line. Aren't they stunning?!
Can't wait to use them.

Now...this was just the best surprise of all! When I unwrapped this little package, I did a happy dance. This Pandora-style bracelet came from one of my favorite department stores in England, John Lewis'. Look at that clasp...seriously! The theme is handbags, which couldn't be more appropriate! I think on my last trip to see Paul's mum, I brought home 3 new purses and a fab coin purse,
so this bracelet is just the perfect fit!

Thank you for indulging me as I share those wonderful gifts. I know as creative people, it's fun to see the 'stamp stash' of others. As Sarah and I trade stashes all the time, you will undoubtedly see more. Get to know Sarah even more in the next post down. She was today's feature designer for The Play Date Cafe Challenge!

On to my newest favorites....I have two for you tonight that I have been dying to share, but the past couple of weeks have just not allowed me to get the proper time to do so. So let's go!

Have you been to A Vintage Chic? go,
but make sure you come back.
Julie is your host of this lovely, lovely blog. The projects that are featured here are photographed so well and the snapshots of the California landscape where she resides is absolutely stunning.
When you do stop by, make sure you tell her hello from me.

My next new favorite...I am not even sure how to describe it other than to use the word 'darling'. Do people still use that to describe the sweet things of life. Alice's Little Wonderland is a precious blog that makes you just take a breath and relax. Her designs are sweet and her dialogue is descriptive. This is one of those blogs that just makes me smile, and I think you will smile, too.

I hope you have a chance to visit these special places.
Stop by tomorrow because we are finishing our design team feature as I share a little more about myself,
as the final designer.
I promise I will share things that you
still don't know about me.


Lisa Lectura Creations said...

Hi Julie! Great post! What a wonderful stash of goodies to receive! Love the bracelet!

Lisa :)

Dragonlady said...

Hi Julie

Wow, you are a lucky lady. That bracelet is gorgeous.

Ali x

Nancy Maxwell James said...

awesome awesome GOODIES! you are one very lucky lady! Happy Friday :)

1CardCreator said...

Love your goodies and I loved your interview at Sandi's blog. ~Diane

The Stamp Man said...

Hi Julie,

Who was a lucky lucky Birthday girl then!!!

What a lovely parcel of goodies Sarah sent to you. Sorry the stamp sheet was late for your birthday but now you have it forever and I know you really liked that one:)

It is such a shame that you no longer have your store as I'm sure our stamps would be a little different for the US crafters.

You are so busy these days organising all these fun things for everyone, you are looking after your blog members so well! When I get a chance I hope to be able to join you with some of them.

I wish you and Sarah were a nearer to us! I hope you can come visit some day, that would be such fun:)))

Jill xxxx

beedeebabee♥ said...

Hi Julie! I love what Sweet Sarah sent you, especially that ADORABLE bracelet! She's such a sweetie pie of a friend! Thanks for introducing us to those lovely ladies as well! Hugs, Paulette