Saturday, April 17, 2010

10 Things that Make me Happy

This is just a quick note to thank one of my newest
friends and design team colleague, 
Savannah from Savannahland 2
for this sweet award.

She sent this to me last week when I was under the
weather and I have been looking forward to sharing the list of
'10 Things That Make me Happy' here goes:

1.  Jesus, who makes the rest of this list possible
2.  My dear husband, Paul
3.  My children, Mallory & Alex
4.  My grandsons, CJ, Caleb & Alex, jr
5.  The thought of our next visit to see Paul's mum in England
6.  Knowing that I am in a time of my life where 'the sky's the limit'
7.  The thought of seeing my bestie Sarah when we visit Paul's mum
8.  The sunshine
9.  The colors lime green & turquoise blue...together
10.  My friends here who continue to visit The Open Window pass this award on to 5 others
who bring a 'bright side to life'...

Tink of RockChickTink
(the youngest 'pal' I have)
Sharli of Sharli's Place
(always an encouragement to me)
(the only guy who plays in The Cafe)
Jill Tuck of The Stamp Man
(one store owner to another)
Julie Campbell of A Vintage Chic
(because I really miss her)

It's always tough to stay at 5, but you know how that
goes!  I hope you will pop by the blogs of these friends
of The Open Window and say hello.

I am VERY EXCITED to be back in my studio
and creating again after 8 days of getting back on
my feet.  I have a few new things that I look forward
to sharing with you tomorrow....YAY!


Julie said...

Thank-you, Julie! That's so funny--I've been thinking about you--so sorry you've been sick, but glad you're feeling better!

I've had so much going on (non-craft related!) lately, and I've been wanting to get back to the challenges, so I'll be jumping in this week--sorry I've been so absent! Life just gets nuts sometimes, and a big obligation that's been hanging over me for 1 1/2 months just ended today--YAY!

Hope everything's going well (except for the sick part!)--the challenge looks like it's going STRONG! So glad to see that!!!

Much love to you today!

Sharli said...

Oh GASP! I am so startled to see my name! THANK YOU Julie! You are so sweet and SO generous! I'm not worthy! But I'll do my best. Tomorrow - for now, it's off to bed with me! (I was just shutting down the computer, honest!)

HUGS! (and a huge smile!)

Diane said...

Congratulations on your award, Julie--I'm happy to see that your feeling better :D

kristen said...

Glad you are 'back'and hope you are feeling well! I can't wait to see what you create now that you are back in your art space.

Ruby said...

Ah Tink is out today but she will be SO SO SO SO pleased. I can't wait to tell her about your award! Thank you, you're a sweetie! It's so nice seeing you back, we've missed you! It's also nice to learn a bit more about you too with the 10 things. Here's to a really speedy recovery for you x

Sarah Anderson said...

Great to see you back in blogland my best friend!!! :)

Paul B said...

Aww shucks, thx for the award - I have gone ahead and posted my ten things too. A great eye opener and a catalyst for creating a scrapbook page :D Pxx

Lori said...

So glad you are feeling better! Your 10 Things list is wonderful, you are such a sweetie. Glad I'm getting to know you!

beedeebabee♥ said...

Hi Julie! Congrats on your award, and I'm so happy you're starting to feel better! Your 10 Things list is lovely... a reflection of how sweet you always are! xoxo Paulette ;)

The Stamp Man said...

Wow, thank you for giving me an award Julie:) Congratulations to you on receiving yours too! Sorry to hear you haven't been well and hope you are feeling better now. I enjoyed reading the 10 things that make you happy. Keep having those happy thoughts of No. 5:)

Jill x

Savannah O'Gwynn said...

HOOOOOORAY for this award! You deserve it! Thanks for the shout out:) And wow--what a great list of 5 friends to pass this award on to! Love your top 10 things that make you happy! #1--my fav:)

Rock Chick Tink said...

Thank you julie it is such an honour to have an award.I have put on my blog.