Friday, April 2, 2010

Floating Garden with Pearl-Ex Tutorial

I haven't had much of an opportunity to be creative this week 
in my art room.  I have been 'creatively' working on the
computer over at The Play Date Cafe because we have
a fabulous line-up of guests and sponsors that need
my attention over there.

So I thought I would share a tutorial with you that I
originally shared back in June of last year.
I hope you find it helpful.


This is a quick and easy technique for those of you who may not know exactly what to do with your Pearl Ex. It's one that we taught in my store and I know you are going to love the results!

The image used here is from Magenta, but you can use any big, bold image you have.

Here's what else you need to get started

Embossing Ink in Black
Embossing Powder in Clear
Matte Cardstock in Black
Pearl Ex in your choice of colors
Dove Blender / Blender Refill Fluid
Squeeze & Flo Bottle w/Dove Blender Fluid in bottle
(these last two supplies are optional dependent on what you have)

Stamp and emboss your image on black cardstock. This effect will work on other dark cardstocks, but you will have to experiment on your scraps to
see what works.

This technique was done with a Squeeze & Flo bottle/paintbrush.
If you have a Dove Blender pen, you can do the same technique, and in fact,
you can squeeze into smaller 'nooks n crannies' with it.
Place 2 or 3 colors of PearlEx onto a small disposable plate and dip either the
tip of your Dove Blender Pen or the edge of the Squeeze & Flo brush into the
first color and begin to 'paint' or 'float the color' inside the lines of your image.

OPTIONAL METHOD:  Make a 'paint' out of Pearl-Ex and Dove Blender fluid
and use a paint brush to color in the lines.

It's as easy as that! It may take a bit of practice with the Squeeze & Flo
technique as you may find at first you have little pools inside your image.
Make sure you allow it a few minutes to dry and if you want to seal it, just
use a matte fixative or a shot of cheap hairspray. The expensive ones will
work too, but who can afford it?!

Hope you will try this technique.....
If you have, or a variation of it, please leave
a comment and let me know.  
It really can create beautiful results.

OH...if you are new to my blog,
I would love to know you stopped by.
Please leave a note or better yet,
follow along.  I'll come to see you, too!


Diane said...

I'm going to bookmark this, Julie--Thank you so much for posting it again!! Happy Easter!

Sarah Anderson said...

i have so much pearlex which i really should use!!!! thanks for this tip/technique :)

Sharli said...

I agree with Diane - I need to bookmark this one so I can find it again - I have a bunch of this stuff and never use it! Thank you!

Gypsy Purple said...

Wishing you a happy and blessed Easter! xx Gypsy Purple

Mona L. Pendleton said...

Great tutorial Julie! I am lovin' my Perfect Pearls! Thanks for the tips!

Ruby said...

Great tutorial Julie! I think I might have some Perfect Pearls hidden in my 'shop' aka my studio! I must go shopping in there soon to find out! Thanks for sharing!

Hanne said...

Great tutorial Julie!
Hugs Hanne

Marion said...

Thanks for this tutorial Julie. I will give this a go.

Axes DesigNs said...

Thanks for the tutorial!!! I love perfect pearls!!!