Thursday, August 20, 2009

Inspiration from the UK

I have been frantically trying to catch up on my posts to you since this past weekend. With all the deadlines I had for projects along with 'real life', I have been just 'short' of catching up for days. So I thought I would at least give you something new to ponder and fill you in on what's going on at The Open Window.

First off....the inspiration for this project. All credit goes to my blog friend Paula at Cardcraft Creations in the UK. I loved the simplicity of her color schemes and thought I would put my own spin on the layers. When you get a sec, pop on over there and take a look.

I am sure you must have noticed the 'fab' blog candy giveaway that was offered yesterday. To help everyone find it for a little while, I will need to keep it as the top post. So once you have registered for it, then each time you log on, just 'search my blog' for the most up-to-date post. That way you won't get lost around here.

The 'real life' part of things has been mainly helping my daughter with a little extra babysitting while she starts her final semester of pre-reqs for nursing school. On top of that, her 6 year old starts FIRST GRADE next week, so there has been a lot to do.

I have so appreciated your patience while I reassess my schedule. I have 3 planners going at the moment. I have my wall calendar, my handmade page-a-day calendar on my art table and my pocket calendar, so getting them all coordinated has been....well....can't you tell?!

But the good news is that most of the 'planning' has to do with activities here at The Open Window. I am also working on a schedule of workshops here locally that I will also be offering online. So although I have not posted as often in the past week, I know you will be excited when it comes right down to it!

I am going to go put the finishing touches on one other project and try to get back here one more time tonight. There is a powerful thunderstorm working it's way towards this side of town and I think I will 'unplug' the technotronics so I will be able to come back! Back later!


CFLanger said...

What a pretty card! I love that pink and orange together. I hope you don't get too bad of a storm tonight. We had some doozies up here in NW Indiana last night.

Anonymous said...

oh wow Im really honoured that youve mentioned me and that I might have inspired you in some small way...I always see other peoples work as inspiring but not my own!

Wonderful card,I do love that mix of colours...its so bright and zingy.

Sandi said...

I love that card, the colors are yummy and spicy. Good luck with your schedules and looking forward to see the great new projects. Hugs