Monday, August 3, 2009

Here's to Jury Duty, Paula Deen and New Friends!

I know we have a bit of time before we NEED Halloween cards, but for those of you who make and sell your creations, you know it's never too early to start.
I had fun with all the rhinestones on this project. The tree is from Penny Black Rubber Stamps and the greeting is Inkadinkado. Bo-Bunny's Mango Luau Dude provides the backdrop for this 'not-so-very-scary card. You'll find this one available in my Etsy store.

So I made it through my day 'on-call' for jury duty. They were able to choose the jury from the first 35 names called, so the other 65 or so of us did not have to be interviewed, but we did have to stay until the day was complete. I know for most, we realize jury duty is a right and a privilege. I believe that the hardest part is knowing that you may have to spend hours on end in one room and never get the call. Oh, and did I mention that you have to do it with approximately 100 total strangers?! Well I must say that today ended up being a pretty good time for 7 or 8 of us. We got our 'party' started at 9am sharp and continued until we were dismissed at 3pm. This group of women entered the room not knowing a thing about one another, but after getting acquainted in the morning, having a fabulous lunch together(our waitress was the spitting image of Paula Deen) and waiting out the rest of the afternoon for our name to be called (and that only happened for one of us), we were scheduling our 'jury duty reunion' for one year from today.

None of these girls were stampers....but that may change. One asked about my workshops, and then they passed around my stamping magazines. The next thing I know, I have all of their email addresses for my next round of classes. In fact, they said they would stop by The Open Window and take a look in, so if you're there girls A BIG HELLO FROM ME! I had a great day getting to know a little bit about all of you and I hope you will stop by often!


Beedeebabee said...

Julie...I think only you could make a jury duty day, A FUN ONE!!! LOVE, love, love that card! Hugs, Paulette :o)

Amanda Winkelman said...

Julie, what an amazing Jury Duty experience! That is too's amazing the crazy places ya meet new people!
As for this card! I LOVE IT! It is super fantastic! And I have that paper! I would have never thought to use it for Halloween. Thanks for inspiring!

Ann said...

I just stumbled across your blog, and I'm SO glad I did! This is flippin' fantastic! LOVE the rhinestones!!!

Cal said...

What a fantastic day. Friends are found in the unlikeliest of places. Love your new not-so-very-scary card. x

Teresa Kline said...

wow, I luv this tree, I have a think for trees and green and sunshine....hehehehe....I guess you could say I like the outdoors...super blog!

enjoy *~*

Mona Pendleton said...

Julie, You are tooo much! What a way to make Jury Duty work for YOU! :) Love your Halloween card! Great inspiration! :) TFS Hugs, Mona