Friday, August 21, 2009

So Glad it's Friday!

I don't know about you, but when Friday comes around, there is a sense of 'calm' that I look forward to. My telephone definitely rings less and even the television in the background 'sounds' different. Less news....more sounds of cheering (that would be English soccer), food processors and choppers (that would be PBS' offering of master chefs) and the ever familiar "not available in stores, so call now" (that would be your basic infomercial).

This weekend will sound just a 'smidge' different as the Air Show is in town for the weekend. We live on the outskirts of the city, so it's just far enough away from the constant noise, but still in the flight path of the really spectacular jets, like the Blue Angels, or whatever is in town this year.
Just after I typed that last sentence, something REALLY loud just flew over! I love when that happens!
This weekend I am looking forward to checking out some blogs that are new to me. Instead of sharing some of my new favorites with you this past Wednesday, I decided to share the
Blog Candy Giveaway instead. I think that was OK with you,
based on your reactions to it!
I am also working with Maria Medeiros to design a new banner for that segment, so stay tuned!

TAG SWAP UPDATE: For those of you who sent your tags and are wondering where yours are in return....I am waiting on one more batch to arrive. I will post them next week for all of you to see and then start sending out the swaps to each person. Thank you for your patience, but I know you will be pleased with the wait. We had several come from long distances, including Canada, The UK and Australia. Thanks've done a great job!

So, my friend Sarah Anderson is back from her 2 week holiday. She went on a camping trip to the Isle of Wight and by the sounds of it, spent a great deal art journaling. She has already posted 2 or 3 blog entries since she returned, so make sure you head on over and see what's going on with her.
I sure did miss you, my friend! Glad you are back!

Before I go, let me tell you a little about this card. Do you recognize the 'blue-green' background? If you use a lot of Prima flowers, you just might. It's the insert to the last batch I purchased. I absolutely loved the design, so I kept it until I found something to do with it.
I am always on the lookout for something unique or out of the ordinary to use in my papercrafts.

So here is my question for you.....what is the most unusual element you have ever kept around to incorporate in your art and HOW LONG did you keep it for before it was finally used?
Leave a comment and let me know...this could be fun!


Anonymous said...

gorgeous card and sentiment....

the most unusual element is a bit of thin rusty metal that must have come off a car that was laying in the middle of the road....I only picked it up yesterday but Im sure I'll use it one day lol

Sarah Anderson said...

It was a fantastic holiday - so good to feel the sunshine, it's been very showery here in the north of England! It's good to be back in touch with online friends again though :)

I picked up a hinge the other day that I thought would work well on a metal book I mean to get made one day. It was lovely, full of old paint and just lying there in a car park. The trouble is, it appears to have vanished from the car where I put it - hmmm, don't think it was seen as an essential piece of art by my husband. I suspect it's been removed!! But I'm still on the lookout for bits of metal for that book! I want to make one that 'jangles'. I'm sure I must have picked up unusual things before and possibly used them but can't think of any!

Francie G. said...

Beautiful sentiment and so very true! Love your lovely card!

In answer to your question! I have been saving a tissue box with some very lovely flowers on it! Still have it! Maybe I will cut it apart one day and use it!

CFLanger said...

Julie, we must live close to each other because this afternoon I heard one of those fighter jets going over my house. Scared me too because Chicago's air show was LAST weekend and I wasn't expecting it. Anyhow -- the craziest thing I'm still keeping and anticipating using are the plastic monkeys from my son's Barrell of Monkeys game. I have no idea what I'll do with them, but that's besides the point. LOL.

Mona Pendleton said...

Very elegant looking card Julie! I love the vintage photo corners! :) My tags are in the hands of the US Postal Service! :) Can't wait to see what the other girls did!

ineke said...

i have a lot unusual things... i practical save evrything.. to put on my cards...
i recycle a lot..i keep my hobby as cheap as it can be...i use used but clean placemats as scrappaper..i use white envellops, mostly from official things.. like the goverment.. they use very good quality paper .. to stamp on..
i cut ribbons from old clothes.. i do with the buttons too..
i save boxes wrapped around parfumebottles.. they often have a gold or silver paper.. i use that to punch stars and so out..
i use old hairclips and so to make embellishment..
i can go on for hours with normal things.. but not normal to use on cards !!!

Sandi said...

LOL, a dead dragonfly, I still have it, I scanned it onto transparency and used it on a card. Sandi

Sugar Lump Studios said...

I love all the beautiful details on this card! :) lovely!

Beedeebabee said...

Beautiful card Julie! Love the saying! Hugs, Paulette :o)

Sarah Anderson said...

What a fabulous idea to scan the dragonfly and put it on a transparency!!!

Colleen Dietrich said...

Oh, yes, I *do* love to save packaging when it is pretty! I even saved the gorgeous floral tags from my daughter's recent purchases from Hollister. Just have to cover up some wording, but the tags are super pretty! THanks for sharing your upcycled card with me. :) Hugs to you!