Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Day in the Life and Another Sneaky-Peek!

I am looking forward to a fabulous date with my husband as we are off to a wedding later today and will be gone at the reception most of the evening. I am feverishly working to get the wedding card completed so today I am going to give you another little 'taste' of the brand new, hot-off-the-press sets which will be featured during the next Artful INKables Blog Hop, Monday, Sept 14th. Hope you will join the rest of the design team, and yours truly of course, for all the fun. More details tomorrow!

So what is a very proud 'mema' to do when her oldest grandson comes and says 'Mema...I have a loose tooth and the new one is coming right behind it!'. The answer: Take a picture! We spent the late-morning with our grandson CJ at his school lunch 'picnic'. The weather was spot-on perfect and by request, I made CJ his very favorite 'mema's toasty cheese sandwiches' for our lunch. Paul and I loved the opportunity to go, especially because Mallory just could not get off work from the hospital. I took lots of pictures for her, but I could not resist sharing these with you.
He loved showing off his in-coming tooth, so I just kept snapping until he finally closed his mouth! He loves 'spiking' his own hair every morning...he is very proud!
Excuse the 'glass-glare' but it was so sunny and lovely out and I just love the face on this child, so thought I would end our time together sharing this photo with you. He is our first grandchild and the one who profoundly changed all our lives. I don't know what his future holds, but God does and I know CJ is capable of some pretty awesome things! I hope you will stay tuned!


*Alison* said...

How cute is this.. I LOVE those photos.. I have one of my little boy, with one front tooth in the middle of his mouth just hanging there, because he refused to pull it.. LOL :) HUGS have fun at the wedding

Anonymous said...

I need a bigger peek! ☺

Mona Pendleton said...

Hi Julie! I really need more than a peek! :) Your grandson is so cute! It looks you had a great time at the school function! I see why you were asked if you were his momma! Enjoy your evening with your man & I will be looking for more tomorrow! :)

CFLanger said...

Too cute! How blessed he is to have such involved grandparents!

Beedeebabee said...

Hi Julie! He's absolutely adorable, and your day sounded lovely! I loved the pictures... I hope you're enjoying your wedding "date" with Paul... I like your sneak peeks, but I wish I could just peel back the computer screen a little to see more!
Hugs, Paulette :o)