Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thank You For Your Patience...

Thank you for all your kind comments over the past 24 hours. So-called 'technical difficulties' are not my favorite things to deal with, but sometimes it's a matter of just giving in.

So let's get right to it...there's a lot of stuff to cover tonight...I know I usually tell you on Wednesday nights to come with a cup of 'something', so hope you have something to sustain you.

Starting right off with the sweet Friends award at the top...that's from Beedeebabee...a/k/a dear Paulette. I have spoken of Paulette on a number of occasions, most often surrounding how we met. She and I were fairly new to blogging and one day, we both noticed that when we logged on to our blogs, our followers' list was missing. Now for me, that consisted of about 5 people, but they were VIP's...and they still are, by the way. Paulette and I found ourselves in the Help Forum trying to get answers (which eventually consisted of it 'happens every now and then...and it's true, only now we don't panic!) and we have been each other followers and now, friends ever since. So this award has an extra special place for us because we have become wonderful, emailing 5 or 6 times a day, friends! Thank you, Paulette...YOU are my most favorite and only one I know... BEEDEEBABEE!
So here is the finished product of the sneak peak from last night's feeble attempt at a post.
I have said it sooooo many times lately, but I am really into Halloween cards this year and this one is a bit different. I used the new Chandelier & Halloween stamp sets from Inkadinkado as well as the newest 12x12 papers from Martha Stewart's Halloween collections. They are double-sided, so I just used reverse layers and of course, it's not complete without using Martha's spider web corner punch. So hope it was worth the wait for the details.

OH! I am so excited! I won my first ever Blog Candy! Yes indeedio!
My friend Sandi a/k/a Celticwoman offered one of her altered composition books in celebration of meeting a variety of milestones including 10,000 posts and 15,000 hits and I was the very lucky winner. Sandi has a lovely blog and is quite the artist, so I hope you will make a trip over to her blog and say hello.

So here is my smile of the day...I had some babysitting time with Alex, Jr. He is 15 months old, the youngest of my 3 grandchildren. The way I see it, none of my grandsons are ever going to see the inside of a craft store unless 'Mema' takes them, so Alex, Jr and I spent some quality bonding time at Hobby Lobby this morning. As I was checking out, the lady next in line must have overheard me referring to myself as 'grandma'. As Alex and I were laughing our way to the car, she came from behind and said, "you don't look old enough to have a grandchild, I though he was yours!" I responded by saying that I actually have 3 altogether to which, with amazement (that's my interpretation) she replied, "there is just no look so young!" I told her that she had no idea how much that made my day...and I was wearing my glasses at the time! So I figure, if I get to the eye doc, for my long, overdue appointment and get a new set of contacts, I should be able to shave another 4 or 5 years off my look...and with birthday #49 only 3 weeks away, I'd better hurry! Have a great's Friday tomorrow!


Beedeebabee said...

Julie...First, your card is beautiful, I love the beaded chandelier hanger, the webbed corner and the papers you used! BEAUTIFUL! Second, you do look very young and NOT old enough to have a grandson, let alone three of them! Third, I will visit Sandi...did you say ten THOUSAND posts?? OMG, that's fantastic!...and lastly, I cannot tell you how touched I am at what you wrote. Thank you for that. I'm just sooOOO happy we met, I feel like I've known you forever sweet friend! Hugs to you, Paulette XOXO

Mona Pendleton said...

Really creative card Julie! I love the gothic chandelier! & how you punched the corner with that MS punch! You inspired me to hitch a ride on my broomstick tomorrow & gather up some Halloweeny paper! Thank you so much for frightening me I mean inspiring me! Congratulations on your winnings! That is sooo awesome! :) Hugs, Mona

Yvonne said...

First of all, such a beautiful card. Love the MS punch , another to add to my ever growing list ... HELP.
And how nice and up lifting to hear some one say that you don't look old enough.
I myself have 2 grandchildren ( and no , I am not old enough) but like you say, they are the apple of my eye. I could just kiss them for ever, mine are only 4 and 7 months but bring so much joy, just cant wait till Christmas, lol
And congratulations on your win xx

Dragonlady said...

Hi there

Great Halloween card. I loved your story re your grandchild. Being an older Mum (44 with a 2 & 5 year old) I usually get it the other way round!!!

Ali x

Anonymous said...

fab halloween card....

Sarah Anderson said...

Congrats on your win; I went over to Sandi's blog and it looks like a lovely book. Fab card, I love those chandeliers and the way you used the punch xx

Sandi said...

Julie, love love love that chandelier card, the journal is closer to you by now, so hope you will enjoy it when you receive it, thanks for sharing my site with your friends. Hugs, Sandi