Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Look What I Won....and Thanks For Asking!

So here it is! This lovely journal was created by Sandi (Celticwoman) from The PaperTrail blog. I was the very lucky winner of her blog candy giveaway in celebration of a few milestones. If you have yet to visit, please make sure you get over there and take a look around. This lady loves life and it shows.
It will definitely inspire you to creativity.
Let me just tell you, the photos do not do this journal justice. It's an altered paper bag journal, using a composition book. The texture on this is phenominal. I am a huge fan of ribbon, as you well know, so to have it as a binding cover
just plain 'made me smile'!
Then to open it up and see a good old-fashioned bookplate with my name was the icing on the cake. I am so looking forward to using this journal for my inspirational journal. Anything that inspires my creativity will go inside until I can no longer fill it.
Thank you so kindly, Sandi...I really do love it!
I have had many, many of you ask how the construction is going...and more importantly, how am I coping with it. Well...these photos really do tell the story. This first one was taken about 15 minutes ago from my patio door. I don't know how road construction works (although I am convinced that I will have the basics down by the time they are finished), but after a week of leveling the dirt, adding fill dirt, laying a gravel foundation (delivered by a literal 2 day parade of dump trucks who's doors have no noise discretion as they SLAM shut...slam, slam, slamslamslam), they have begun digging things up again adding some pretty heavy-duty concrete pipes.
I can only guess they have to do with drainage.
This photo was taken while sitting on my patio,
again just a little bit ago.
So...that's where it's up to. As for the coping, I am doing better. I am definitely resigned, but I did have a major wake up call over the weekend. Because the 'road' was level enough, curiosity seekers began driving down the road. Saturday evening, Paul and I were enjoying a movie from the comfort of our bed, when a slow-moving car drove down the path. You see, this is the same view from our bedroom. I guess the blinds will be drawn much earlier
at Julie's Open Window from now on!
Thanks so much for caring enough to ask
and even more for letting me vent!

Back later with Tag Swap Sneak Peak #2 and more news
from The Open Window including A Design Team Call!


Sandi said...

Oh Julie, first off, I feel your angst, why oh why? I know, progress? When they are all finished maybe you will be able to put up a large stone wall with a lovely waterfall, lol. Hugs to you while you endure this invasion. Secondly thank you so much for your awesome comments and support. I am thrilled that you love your journal and that you will use it for inspiration, I am truly honored. Hugs, Hugs, Hugs, Sandi

Stef H said...

what a gorgeous journal. i'd almost be afraid to write in it! just stunning.

great - but very sad - pictures.


Mimi said...

Oh I made a covered journal for Swap-Bot a while ago. It was somewhat similiar (sp) but not nearly as awesome as the one you got!

Mandy said...

love the journal...and i can relate to the construction...we are getting 32 townhouses built right behind us...a few weeks ago we had work going until 12 midnight...gggrrrr...hope its built really quickly for you!!!

Anonymous said...
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