Saturday, August 8, 2009

Ya Gotta Go With the Ones You Love!

Hey everybody! I have felt so bad that there hasn't been a post from me since Thursday. I have been out of the house a lot the past couple of days gathering new 'goodies' for projects, and then 'crashing' the rest of the time. I know I am not ill, just feeling extremely low of energy.

I finished a birthday card for my mom and that's as creative as I have been. So when you don't have anything new to share, you 'gotta share the ones you love'! So I hope you will indulge me for a moment....then it's off to an early bedtime with the goal of being in my art room bright and early.

I LOVE THESE BOYS! I've said it before, I could just eat them with a spoon. When I was in my 20's, all I did was talk about my own I am gushing about theirs! So here's the scoop. Alex, Jr is 1 and loves my 'very expensive, handmade in Berea, KY crafter's broom'. It usually hangs on the wall, but when one of the older boys can reach it, they are quick to hand it off to the little one! CJ who is 6 and his brother Caleb, 3 1/2 came over one very early morning, fresh out of bed and were enjoying a cartoon together. I love this picture of pure joy. Last but not least (and one day when he about 16 I will pay the price for sharing)....this photo of Caleb was taken while announcing "Mema! I went in the big boy potty all by myself today...I can wear underpants now!" So there you have it...a little bit about the little one's I love.

See you tomorrow with a few new creations and maybe a color challenge accomplished!


farmhouse-story said...

beautiful children! caleb will so not like this post! haha! love your blog--your link to "my desert cottage",...wonderful! thanks for sharing.

Sandi said...

Precious memories cannot be purchased because they are attached to our hearts, what a wonderful sharing, hope your energy returns quickly. Sandi

Christina said...

What fun they are at these ages! *sigh* I'm trying to be patient about my boys & their girls to give me gran'babies!

Stef H said...

if i knew being a grandma was gonna be this much fun i would have done it first!

thanks for sharing!


Cal said...

Gorgeous little boys and gorgeous pics. Who can blame you for sharing. ;> xx