Monday, July 13, 2009

And the Winners Are.....

Yes, that's right....we have 2, because it was TOO HARD to pick just one. Actually, before I end the suspense (and I know there is nothing stopping you from reading ahead), I want to just say that it was fun getting to know so many new people through this little competition. The cliche 'you're all winners' really could apply, but I only have enough 'stuff' at the moment to make shoes for two of you.

Congratulations to Cathleen at Crooked Card Creations and Julie H at Huxter's House. I enjoyed your blogs very much for many of the same reasons, but also for different reasons, which I think is important when you are being who you are. Cathleen is from my home state of Illinois, in fact, she only lives, oh, about 90 minutes from me. Julie H(my maiden name initials, go figure) is from a bit of a distance. She is from the UK where my hubby is from,but she is in South Wales(he is from where near one another). I hope you will take a moment to visit these ladies' blogs and leave a comment to let them know you were there. In fact, I hope you will check out all of the blogs that were linked in my comments. Of course, don't forget to scroll down my 'favorites' list as well.

One thing is definitely for all love shoes! Have a great night!

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Cathleen said...

Oh wow! Thanks so much for your kind words about my blog. I am truly honored and excited because I LOVE the shoes! Here is my email addy