Monday, July 13, 2009

Here's Some Shameless Self-Promotion!

Here it is again! Your opportunity to purchase this Dimensional Daisy card from my Etsy store. I actually have 3 of these available right now, so I hope you will purchase yours today.

One more reminder.....Blog Candy Giveaway deadline is approaching...less than 4 hours away, so please check the details below and enter your blog link in my comments. I will check all comments from that post up to this one, so you can enter here. It has been really fun to see out all creativity out there and along the way, I have signed on as a follower to a number of new places. For those of you who are new followers here, I thank you kindly!

I'll be back a little later to announce the winner....hope to see you here!


Alysabeth said...

Wonderful card, so glad you found my blog and lkead me to yours:o)

Amy Johnson said...

What a beautiful and creative 3 dimensional card! I love it!

Cathleen said...

Oh My gosh! this is the cutest card ever!