Tuesday, July 14, 2009

While I am Making New Cards for You, I Proudly Offer You our Family's Future Game Show Host!

I just couldn't help myself! I had to find a time to share this photo with you and this is it! Caleb is my 3 1/2 year old grandson who is an absolute stitch!

He and I were outside picking flowers from the field(see my very first blog posts for photo of my field). While I was shutting the patio door, he was busy with the next thing on his list, which was apparently putting 'mema's' glasses on for fun. Well of course my response was "stay right there!" When I returned with the camera, I asked if it would be ok if I took a picture and he was all over it! The first photo was posed, this second one, he was getting off the couch and I caught him off guard...the funniest photos are always taken off guard. Love that boy! He's always the one that wants me to show him on my blog where I put the photos of his brother, cousin and himself(again, see archives for those little blessings). So hope it made you smile!

Yesterday I was non-stop busy between my blog, etsy, ebay and facebook that today I just need some time to play and create. Paul is home with a day off and enjoying his latest Netflix offering, so I have a great opportunity to do some 'fun' work. Not that those other things aren't fun, especially this blog....I LOVE IT HERE!

Continued thanks to all of you who follow along. Still finding my own niche and enjoying the adventure.


beedeebabee said...

Boy...is he ever a cutie pie! Adorable!!! Love reading your posts Julie! :o)

Sarah Anderson said...

How gorgeous is he!!!!