Monday, July 20, 2009

Creative Struggles...I Can't Be The Only One?!

I've been at this stamping 'thing' for many years. Let's put it this way, I've been at it long enough to know that I really don't need to ask the question.

But there are still times when I feel like I am the only one out there putting BLUE and GREEN together and coming up with PURPLE !

When was the last time that happened to you? What do YOU do when you are in need of serious 'SPARK' ?

Leave a comment and let me know. I think it could be an inspiration to us all!

In the meantime, I am still looking for people who want to 'play' in the gift tag swap. Scroll down to the post below for all the details. It's going to be a lot of fun. You never know if one of those tags will be the 'SPARK' to help keep your creative juices flowing!


Anonymous said...

Lovely blog! :)
Its truly is hard to get inspired and create something unique and fun and different. It's hard to get inspired in many ways. I love to look at people's blogs and that gets me inspired. I look at photography, art, paintings and that gets me truly inspired. I love photography and it inspires me to take more photos. I also love to design things with my computer. Its fun and I enjoy it. SO i guess do things you love and that will truly get the creative juices pumping!lol

Your blog truly inspires me! :)

Anonymous said...

aahh that old chestnut - the way I get inspired is having an open mind......I love the art work of adverts on TV, in magazines or billboards,designs on T-shirts,walking round shops..any type of shop its amazing what can spark an idea off.
I dont find blog hopping inspiring mainly because I dont want to copy or base ideas from someone else...I want to try and be unique,,well as much as I can but thats just my personal opinion.
Keep up the great work Julie x

Cal said...

Lovely card. I've never done stamping so wouldn't know why the colour thing happens.
Cal x

Velta said...

Actually, I do not see anything wrong with the colors you me, it "says" you!!! Blog hopping does inspire in that flower you made on this latest card...Great Creativity!!!

beedeebabee said...

Hi Sweetie! I LOVE this card!!! Love the dots and the flower, AND the colors! You know what I find inspires me? Flipping through any magazine. I'm always finding the most beautiful color combo's...even when I'm at the the doctors office. Then I veeerrrry quietly have to rip the page out, a little at a time, and hope nobody's watching! (shhhhh!!!!) Bad me! Hugs, Paulette :o)

Angel said...

thanks for the comment and such a cute card!! i blog hop to find inspiration!!!