Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My New Toy!

It would not surprise me if I was the last person on earth to have one of these, but I finally have my very own Cuttlebug die cut and embossing unit. I have been using my original Sizzix over the years and decided it was time to make things a bit easier on myself. Now I know for a fact that there are some new die cutting units getting ready to be 'unleashed' on the community, but I've been watching everyone's "can't live without" lists and this little machine is at the top of most.

I decided to share my inaugural creation with you before I go back and start on some new projects. One of my favorite parts of this card is the polka dot brad in the center. Nothing to do with the die cut....I just like it! It's simple but elegant, I think. I like it enough that I will put it in my Etsy store.

In the meantime, I haven't forgotten about my promise from last evening. In fact, I had several comments left for me showing a great interest in some of my new favorite blog sites. So I am looking forward to sharing that list with you later this evening.

My husband is pulling an all-nighter at Barnes & Noble in hopes of doing some major relocation of some of the sections in the store, so I will have some alone time to spend with you. By all-nighter, I mean he is not expected home until at least 3am. Now I can't promise that I will be awake at that time 'chatting' here with you, but I will be back soon and I hope you will join me!

4 comments: said...

You are going to Love using your cuttlebug folder. I too use mine in the Big Shot.

beedeebabee said...

Hi Julie...LOVE THAT CARD with all those cute teeny dots!!! MAKE MORE, MAKE MORE!!! Paulette :o)

Amanda Winkelman said...

Yay for you! I absolutely LOVED my cuttlebug, as it was my first die cut machine....but one day I wasn't paying attention, and I put something too thick through it and pop! It broke. (Insert the saddest face you can think of here.) I tried to fix it, and my husband even tried, and he can fix almost anything! But no luck. It sat around broken for a couple months before I could finally make myself part with it and throw it out! Fortunately I also have a Big Shot, and love it too! But I sure do miss my Cuttlebug! I hope you and your's have many fabulous crafting memories together!!! your card, it's super cute, and the polka dot brad is awesome!

Kaymin Kantina said...

Gorgeous cards!! You will LOVE your cuttlebug! When I got mine I think I embossed EVERYTHING I could fit in the little 'sandwich'. With my cricut, I've been able to cut some neat 'folders' of my own. Such a great tool! Hapyp Craftin!
Hugs - Min