Saturday, July 11, 2009

BLOG CANDY GIVEAWAY....just a reminder!

This little creation appeared on my blog earlier in the archives, but it's just another example of the blog candy giveaway. Thought I would post one quick reminder, but don't hold me to it....with the deadline just around the corner, I will most likely post another reminder tomorrow. It's the retailer in me!

Anyway...scroll down to the post before this one and all the details will be really can't miss it. It's just missing the blinking lights and the guys' voice who says "SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUNDAY". Just don't get it confused because my deadline is Monday, Monday, Monday! Anyway....

HEY! Ya know that Daisy card I posted a week or so ago that you all went ga-ga over? (really, people did go's all in the comments!) The paper that was used to make those flowers is the exact same background paper used on this shoe card! Don't you love when you can make two entirely different projects out of one sheet of paper?!

And one more thing....(for now, anyway...I'm home alone right now, can't you tell hubby's at work?) The FAMOUS DAISY CARD will once again become available on Etsy ! I am hoping to get one posted later today, but if not, by tomorrow, so please check often! Thanks to those of you who signed on and 'heart my store' and for those who have made a purchase. I WON'T do it.....well, really I CAN'T do it without you!


Teresa Kline aka va.sunshine said...

what great cards, really gorgeous!

I am offering blog candy on my blog, check it ends tonight!

enjoy *~*

Anonymous said...

Stunning card - love the shoe and love the colors. rita w