Thursday, July 2, 2009


Just a quick reminder....I am giving away this card, signed, and a few other goodies thrown in. The complete post is below, just scroll down. You can either leave your comment there, or at the end of this post. I just want to know 'What keeps you young' reading the original post below, the question will make more sense!

Deadline is tomorrow night at 6pm central time...I will contact the winner for a mailing address and make the announcement then. Good luck...spread the word...Look forward to hearing from you!


Mona L. Pendleton said...

Very cute card Julie! :) Thanks so much for visiting my blog & for leaving kind words :) Have a great day! Hugs, Mona

judytrigg said...

For me, age is a state of mind, not a record of chronology. Spending time with young people, both children and adolescents, keeps me in tune, somewhat, to what they're thinking and doing. They sense the nonjudgmental, unconditional positive regard I have for them, and they know that I care about them. Then we can learn from each other. Life is about sharing and about appreciating all the good people we have in our lives.
Experiencing and sharing creativity is a major source of inspiration and rejuvenation for me. When I was given the opportunity to become a Stampin' Up! demonstrator, it changed my life forever. I began to meet lots of wonderful, caring, creative people who shared my love of stamping and other paper crafts. Now I can't imagine my life without it! I look forward every day to doing something with Stampin' Up!, whether it's actually making a card or just looking at web sites and wonderful blogs like Julie's. (Great card, Julie! Love everything about it!)
As we approach another Independence Day, mentally we can take a few moments to thank all those who have gone before us and all those who continue to serve in countless ways so that we can enjoy the benefits of "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" today.

Julie Ranae said...

That's Dr. Judy, for ya! Thank you for sharing from deep within. I love that I originally came to know you as a customer but quickly you became a friend.
Dr. Judy is right...this hobby can help us make relationships that will last a lifetime!