Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Away for the Day

Thought I would post a quick note to you tonight as I will be away from home for a better part of the day on Tuesday. My husband Paul has to go into the Chicago 'burbs' to talk with management regarding a major promotion, so I am going to tag along.

Actually, I will be spending my morning at the Archiver's Store using their workroom to catch up on some little projects. We do not have that store in our area, so I always like to stop when there is one on my travels. If you've never been to Archiver's, it's a paradise for stampers and scrapbookers. My favorite purchase is always Bazzill Basics cardstock and background papers, so when I get home late tomorrow afternoon, I will share with the class the treasures I find.

Before I forget....I opened my Etsy store today! YAY! So I hope you will click on the link at the left and take a look at the cards for sale. Many of them have been favorites on this blog, so now would be your opportunity to get one for yourself....and if you would, please let your friends know, too. I would soooo appreciate it!

Hope you have a great day....OH! The photo for today is just to inspire you to be creative. Those cards were produced over the course of time using a variety of techniques. Maybe today would be a good day to pick your favorite technique and run with it!


Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful day Julie....the shop sounds like an amazing place to spend time in,wish I had somewhere like that near where I lived.

Amy Johnson said...

Hi Julie! Thanks for visiting my blog. We have an archiver's at the Mall of America, about 2 hours from where I live, and I swear EVERYTIME I go to the Mall of America I spend all my time in that ONE store alone! LOL! I see your from Illinois. My daughter goes to school in Wheaton, Illinois. I love your blog! Your cards seem so unique and refreshing. I've only had time today to scroll down the first page a little, but I'll be back next week to investigate a bit more! I'm working today, then I'm going on a little trip for a few days. Back soon!

Carla said...

Your cards look wonderful, and I hope you had a great time at Archivers. That place is very dangerous!