Thursday, July 2, 2009

Another Easy-Peasy Background and a few 'ponderings'

Here is another example of those easy backgrounds I talked about last time. This was created with just two little stamps in multiple colors, but it's really effective and very therapeutic!

Today was a nice day, although I did have a flat tire in the middle of all of it. What made it nice was two different conversations I had. One was with a total stranger and the other was with a lady I've gotten acquainted with at our post office. Let's start with her.

Darlene is a very nice lady who helps me get all my packages safely mailed across the world. She works at our main post office and is always kind enough to take time with each customer who steps up to her window. Over the course of time, I have learned that Darlene likes to stamp and make cards, so of course, I gave her an invitation to visit my blog. So if you're there Darlene, WELCOME! Trekking all the way to the post office with a crate full of packages on a hot summer day can get very monotonous, but when I am able to step up to Darlene's window, it really is a nice diversion to have something in common to chat about. So thank you for that, Darlene.

My second conversation was brief, all of about 10 minutes, which is the time it took a total stranger to retrieve the spare tire & jack from the trunk of my car, hike the car to the proper height, and change my tire....which to me, who has never changed a tire, seemed like record time. He saw me sitting on the side of the very busy road and took the time at the end of his work day, which I found out started very early, and helped me, a total stranger, too. My dear friend Sarah and my father-in-law reminded me that there are still guardian angels that walk among us. This stranger knew my son was on his way across town to help me out, but he insisted that I use his cell phone to call and cancel the trip. The kindness of doesn't happen to me often, but when it does, I look to the sky and thank God for continuing to take care of me.