Thursday, July 9, 2009

BLOG CANDY GIVEAWAY! It's the Shoes...Always the Shoes!

Hey's been a quiet couple of days here in blogland, so it's time to get ready for some fun and fashion!

This shoe card is a popular design for me. I have a couple for sale in my Etsy shop, but here is your chance to not only win the card, but I will send you enough shoes to make a dozen of your own creations, complete with rhinestone details! These shoes are all made from handmade paper from Thailand, so no two are ever alike.

In order to win, just leave a comment at the bottom of this post with a link to your blog. I will make a visit and choose my favorite blog from the list who left comments with their link. If you don't have a blog, you are more than welcome to nominate one (1) of your favorites. If that blog is chosen, you will receive the blog candy and I will send a little something to the blog owner. Deadline for this giveaway is Monday, July 13th at 6:00pm CST. Don't wait until the last minute....I'll need time to really give a look!

As always, I will throw in some extra goodies as well, so it's worth leaving your comment.
Good luck and let's have fun with this one!


Cathleen said...

Hi Julie, Thanks for stopping by my blog! Where in Northern Illinois are you? I am in Melrose Park! I think your blog is just delightful, now I have to go check out your Etsy site!

I like shoes and I love shoe cards!

Anonymous said...

oooo count me in for the give away,as you say,a girl can never have enough shoes!
My blog is:

Just wanted to thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such wonderful comments - they are much appreciated x

Kaymin Kantina said...

Great card Julie - what cute shoes! Will definitely have to check out your etsy store.
My blog is:
TGIF! Have a great day!
Hugs - Min

Loz said...

Hi Julie, thanks for being my first follower!! That shoe is gorgeous, I'm sure I could find some uses for those!!
You already know my blog!
Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Takisha said...

Hey Julie, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment! i really like comments. LOL
Great job on your blog by the way.

angelwhispers Chanelle said...

Hi Julie, thanks for your lovely comment, really love reading what people think my blog and cards etc. I have now become a follower on you blog,love your work!! you have so much inspriation xx Have a great weekend xxx

Donna Baker said...

cute card - love the shiny blue paper & rhinestone on shoe!!

Mona L. Pendleton said...

Hi Julie! I love your card! A stiletto heel like that would kill me especially after my foot surgery :) TFS Hugs, Mona

Edna said...

Anything that is about or contains shoes is a winner in my book, love the blog and this is a cool idea for candy, happy to see your little creations and the retailer in you is definitely shining through... have a great week, I will be back soon to check out more of your creations

Debbi Andersen said...

I love those cards! I found your blog from Karen - I will be following you now!! My blog is if you would like to follow back :)

Momma Goddess Treasures said...

Very nice blog and I love the cards! Momma Goddess

Sarah Anderson said...

No including me in this comp as I know you love my blog ;) but I wanted to show you the shoe 'envelope' I made after drawing round the paper shoe you sent me! Had to make something after all that tidying LOL
Right, off to visit all those lovely blogs above :)

aka Miss Kim said...

I can always use more insipiration, and more shoes!!

My blog is:

Randee E said...

Cute cards, cute shoes :0) Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment! I signed on as a follower and looking forward to seeing more of your creations. Nice to know "neighbors" really do exist in blogland :0)

A_MOMS_LIFE said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment! I love those shoes they look adorable on your cards!